Mueller indicts 12 Russian intel officers for hacking Democrats in 2016 election Video

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Transcript for Mueller indicts 12 Russian intel officers for hacking Democrats in 2016 election

joining us. We will srt this Saturday trump. Now two days away from his oric sit-dn with rusan president Vladimir Putin and that meeting happening on Monday. He is spending the weekend a his golf UBS in Scotland. There he is. He is already up this morning antweeting about the big news, the 12 indictments announced on Friday against Russian intellce officeraccused ofmeddling the American election. Herat he is say Abt that, quote, the stories you heard about 12 Russians yestertook place during the Obama administration, not the tradministration. Why didn’t they do something Abt it, espeally when it was by the fbi September before the election? So the president is up and tweeting this Mo L’s begin with the latest on those indictments. Here’s ABC’s chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. Pierre. Reporter: Paula and Dan, dint against 12 Russian intelligence operatives is stunning in its detail, spell out how aggressive Russia was in stealing huge amounts of data from Democrat iith the 2016 electn. Just days before the president set to me wh Vladimir Putin, 12 members of Russian intece indicted R ddng during the last presidentialpaign. An operation U.S. Intelligence ficials sawas author by tin himself. Thindictment claims th Russian intelligence officer Clinton CN, the DNC and emails of Clinton campaign chairman John podesta. There was one unit that engain active cyberopetions by Saling information and rent unit that was respo F disseminating the stolen information. Reporter: Russian command unit 26165 in charge of stealing informatioadquartered in this building oscow Andes away here was unit 74455 allegeweaponized the information posg onlineinkileaks dagiinformation on Hillary Clinton and Democrats just three days beemocratic tional convention. Mueller portrayed the Russians as nimble. One example in the indictment suggesnghey appear to step ir attacks the same day as this appeal from candidate trump. Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re Abo find the 30,000 emails that are missing. Orter: That very day according to the indictment the Russian corahe first time attempted to hack email accounts at a domain used by Clinton’s personal offimualso claimthe hacker entitled guccifer 2.0 reached out to som close to the trump campelieved to be his longtime strategist Roger stone writing, do you find anything interesting in the docs I post, and then, please tell me if I can help you anyhow. Stone himswas not indicted and he told abcshat he is the person mentioned in the indictment, bu insists that he’s done nothing wrong. Anytive person who will that exchange will see that it’s benign, it’s innocuous. Reporter: Special counsel mueller’indictmentt is growing.32 people indicted so far with 5 felony convictions and more than 100 criminal charge a, Dan. 32 indictments and counting. Pierre, thank you. As we sa, the present

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