Astronomers claim mysterious 1,300-foot object could be alien spacecraft Video

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Transcript for Astronomers claim mysterious 1,300-foot object could be alien spacecraft

A mystery in the air that has some Harvard astronomers making a stunning claim saying it could be an alien spacecraft. So who do we put on the case, T.J. Stay with me, George. First of all, this is historic because they’ve never seen something that’s come from outside our solar system and has a shape that scientists have never seen before and at one point it sped up and couldn’t explain why so a lot of mysteries and theory, one of them now is somebody came by to check us out. This mysterious and massive object has baffled and fascinated scientists since it first showed up in our solar system last year. Cigar shaped tall as the empire state building traveling at 196,000 miles per hour. Harvard scientists are now offering a theory, it’s alien. It’s nothing like we’ve seen before. When you rule out the impossible, whatever remains as improbable as it is must be the truth. Dubbed oumuamua it could be artificial. Even sent intentionally to Earth to probe us. But no real evidence furthering our fascination. Look at that thing, dude. Reporter: With unexplained phenomenon in the sky. Remember that Navy pilot’s close encounter with a mysterious object. It’s rotating. Reporter: There was this sighting of what pilots described as a 40-foot-long tic tac 100 miles off the coast in 2004. I have never seen anything in my life that had the performance, the acceleration, keep in mind, this thing had no wings. Reporter: That one was never explained either and alien is not a legitimate explanation for this one. Plenty of experts will tell you that. They will go as far as saying it’s insulting to science to actually suggest this is alien. Scientists, you provide a theory, you offer evidence. You don’t say, well, you can’t prove your theory so this must be a possible as well and even saying it’s clickbait. Just clickbait. It comes in speeds and moves around. Pilots have seen other things then it disappears. You know what I call that, alien. If it was alien, we probably would have had it before 7:50 in the show. Check us out? They roll down the window, took a peek and they sped off. When something beams you up don’t call me for help because you don’t want to believe it. That will be a special report. That would be breaking news. I got the assignment. You were my first thought. He’s going to kill me.

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