California fire evacuees get stuck in gridlock, surrounded by fire Video

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Transcript for California fire evacuees get stuck in gridlock, surrounded by fire

We have more on the race to get out as the flames move in. Drivers surrounded by walls of fire stuck in a gridlock as they tried to escape. ABC’s will Carr is also there in paradise and has more on that. Good morning, will. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. This is a hellish scene. Home after home has burned to the ground. You can feel that heat coming off of these flames, many homeowners in this area only had seconds to try to get to safety. The race to escape. Go, go, go, go. Reporter: More than 30,000 people fleeing for their lives. Move, people. Reporter: Clogged evacuation routes. This is bad. Reporter: Watching destruction unfold around them. All those homes gone. I can feel the heat now. Can you feel the heat? Yeah. Reporter: This Chatfield family driving into the unknown, smoke blacking out the afternoon sky. Heavenly father, please help us. Please help us to be safe. I’m thankful for Jeremy and his willingness to be brave. Reporter: Narrowly escaping finding daylight on the other side. We’re in butte county surrounded by flames this this neighborhood. You can see flames shooting out of the home next to me. This is the camp fire. It exploded today. The homes next to us have completely gone up in flames. This looks like a scene from “Armageddon.” As we’re walking along you can feel the heat coming off of these homes. You can see right here, this home already burned to the ground. What looks like a tree that is still burning here, all of those homes in the background on fire right now. People driving straight through roaring flames, the fire bringing a tree down right on this man’s car. Oh, my god. The tree is burning right next to us. Reporter: This mother and son escaping, the roars flames on both sides closing in. The conditions aren’t getting any better. We’re still in a red flag warning. That means strong winds, low humidity and bone dry conditions. Perfect fire conditions moving forward for the next 24 hours. Michael. All right, thank you so much, will. Such frightening video there.

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