Are robots taking over the world? ‘GMA Day’ breaks it down in the ‘Robot Roundup’ Video

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  • Now Playing: Halloween robots bring joy to patients and their families at this hospital

  • Now Playing: Robots leave some customers puzzled at Walmart stores

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  • Now Playing: Are robots taking over the world? ‘GMA Day’ breaks it down in the ‘Robot Roundup’

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  • Now Playing: Disney to donate $2M to ‘Make-A-Wish’ with the ‘Share Your Ears’ campaign

  • Now Playing: 90 characters perform ‘It’s a Good Time’ at Cinderella’s Castle for Mickey’s 90th

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  • Now Playing: Alleged mistress of man charged with killing wife, 2 daughters speaks out

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  • Now Playing: ‘Batkid’ cancer-free 5 years after Make-A-Wish adventure

  • Now Playing: Kim Porter dies at 47

  • Now Playing: Couple and homeless veteran charged in GoFundMe scheme

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