Mourners pay final respects to George H.W. Bush Video

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Transcript for Mourners pay final respects to George H.W. Bush

George, the former president now lying in repose at St. Martin’s episcopal church in Houston where he and his beloved wife Barbara regularly worshipped. Amy is there on the final tributes ahead. Good morning, Amy. Reporter: That’s right. Good morning, robin. In fact, St. Martin’s church has been open throughout the night so that Houstonians could be bused in. You see some of those buses behind me to come and pay their respects to president bush. 12,000 people in total overnight came to do just that, in fact, the last few are leaving here behind me. The bush family has been part of the Houston community since 1959. They worshipped here at St. Martin’s and Barbara Bush’s own memorial service held here in April, in fact, I took that picture from the stands as we watched a very tearful president bush leave the church bidding good-bye to his wife of 73 years and now those very doors are closing in preparation of a private funeral service. We expect about 1200 invited guests to attend. From here the president’s casket about be taken to a special locomotive painted in the colors of air force one, the same plane used during his presidency and you can see the number on that, 4141 all in his honor. The casket in a see-through car so that mourners can view it as it passes and pay their respects along the 70-mile trek and will be taken to the bush presidential library in college Station where president George H.W. Bush will be laid to rest beside his wife and their daughter robin who died of leukemia at 3 years remembering those final words of his son that they can smile knowing that their father is with their mother and their sister, certainly poignant as he is buried with them today. Thank you. George, I know you’ll anchor our live coverage of the final ceremonies honoring former president George H.W. Bush starting at 11:00 A.M. Eastern on ABC.

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