America Strong: Brave little boy’s swift action saves the day Video

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Transcript for America Strong: Brave little boy’s swift action saves the day

Finally tonight, the little boy, his sister in dire need of help, wanting to save her life. It’s “America strong.” What’s the location of your emergency? My sister, she’s not — she’s breathing, but she’s not really talking. Reporter: That’s 9-year-old Joshua Joseph talking about his 6-year-old sister Joanne. Their father just left for work. His grandmother was baby-sitting them. When Joanne suddenly collapsed. Their grandmother doesn’t speak English and was unable to call for help. He ran to the phone and called his father. She had a seizure. I’m not home. Call 911. Reporter: Joshua then called 911. Okay, do you see her chest moving when she’s breathing? Yes, I see her chest moving but every time I call her name, she’s not really responding. Reporter: Joshua stayed on the phone with dispatcher until emts. Arrived to their home just south of Boston. Is your front door unlocked? Yeah, it’s locked. It’s locked. Do you want to unlock the front door for me? Okay, I’m going to unlock the door right now. Reporter: Paramedics rushed Joanne to the hospital. Joshua still concerned about his sister, called the hospital multiple times. Kept calling me and asking me, is she okay? Reporter: Joanne is out of the hospital. It turns a bad fever led to that seizure. But thanks to her brother, she’s alive. This week, Joshua got an award from firefighters called the rockland hero award. It felt good and proud of myself because that was the first time that I called 911 and it saved my sister’s life. Reporter: Father so proud that his son stayed poised during that critical time. I thank my son that he saved my daughter’s life. So, tonight, we salute Joshua for his quick-thinking and saving his sister. That does for us on this Saturday night. We thank you for watching.

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