No payday for federal employees due to government shutdown Video

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Transcript for No payday for federal employees due to government shutdown

Next to the other major story out of Washington. The government shutdown. Now officially the longest in American history with no end in sight. Hundreds of thousands of Americans waking up this weekend after missing their Friday paychecks. The kitchen table concerns clearly mounting, and from the white house, president trump firing off tweets insisting he has a strategy. ABC’s Lana Zak is at the capitol. Reporter: Tonight, the longest government shutdown in history showing no sign of ending any time soon. President trump tweeting today, I do have a plan on the shutdown. But no word yet on what that plan is, besides the Democrats giving in on his request for a wall. For his part, the president says he will never back down. I swore to protect our country and — Reporter: Releasing this campaign-style video on Twitter, and asking Democrats today to “Come back” for more negotiations, even though it was the president walked out of the last meeting. A temper tantrum by the president. I’m a mother of five, grandmother of nine. I know a temper tantrum when I see one. Reporter: But while the politicians are at an impasse, everyday Americans are caught in the crosshairs. It’s a matter of life and death for me, because I have to pay out of pocket for my medical insurance. Reporter: Hundreds of thousands of federal workers receiving empty paychecks. Oliver Garcia, a father of four, is selling his camper and car to make ends meet. If we can get rid of the camper and the car, we could make up some cash to pay for the mortgage. Reporter: Kellie Chaffin says she’s out of money. With $200 I can’t pay my student loan — my federal student loan. The government gave me the money to go to college, I can’t pay it, nor can I pay my car insurance or rent or my car payment. Reporter: And across the country, the impacts of the shutdown are snowballing. At Miami international airport, a concourse closed to ensure that there are enough TSA agents to staff the other security checkpoints. And Tom, there are no meetings scheduled right now between the president and Democrats. And many say that all good faith has been completely eroded. The president may still decide to make that emergency declaration which could end the impasse at least over the border wall. Tom. Lana, thank you. And George will have much more on the shutdown stalemate tomorrow on “This week.” Including a new poll on the stalemate and the proposed border wall.

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