Federal judge issues a new order against Trump administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy Video

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Transcript for Federal judge issues new order against Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy

We want to turn to immigration. A federal judge has handed trump administration a new setback having to reunite separated families. Finding that the separation started even before the zero tolerance policy went into effect last spring. Just yesterday, ABC news was with one father finally reunited with his 6-year-old son after spending nine months apart. ABC’s Lana Zak has the story. Reporter: Tonight, the magnitude of the trump administration’s practice of family separations coming into focus. A California judge ruling Friday that potentially thousands more migrant children must be tracked down by the government to, “Avoid the very real possibility of a permanently orphaned child due to the actions of one or more government officials.” Earlier this week, homeland security secretary kirstjen Nielsen denied that migrant parents had been subjected to forced deportation without their children. There has been no parent who has been deported, to my knowledge, without multiple opportunities to take their children with them. Reporter: But Jesus, a migrant fleeing violence in Honduras, said he was tricked into being deported without his 6-year old son Ariel. ABC news has been following their story. Jesus says he was told that the child would meet him at the airport, and then he says officials said Ariel was on a special plane for minors. Reporter: He says he pleaded with officials, but they forced him onto the plane while Ariel remained in the U.S. He didn’t know where. Landing in Honduras, Jesus says his soul was broken. Unable to find the words to tell his wife he had been separated from their child. But last night after nine months, a reunion. Jesus telling his son, “I never gave up hope that we were going to see you.” Tom, the whole family is now seeking asylum in the united States. We reached out to immigration and customs enforcement but they declined to comment they said because of pending litigation. Tom. Lana, thank you. The family story is part of ABC news’ ongoing borderline tune into “Nightline” for more of that reporting.

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