Hopman Cup axed from Perth in favour of men’s-only ATP Cup tournament

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After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that the Hopman Cup will no longer be played in Perth.It will be replaced by the ATP Cup, a men’s only event held across three cities — Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.

Hopman Cup founder and former tennis great Paul McNamee said it was a sad day to see the tournament finish after 31 years, but left the door open for it possibly continuing in a different location.
“[It was] a wonderful event that was embraced by Perth,” he said.

“Nothing could’ve been embraced by the people of the city more than Hopman Cup in Perth, so my immediate feeling is sadness that it’s not going to be there anymore, and concern about where the Hopman Cup may be in the future.”
He said this year’s Hopman Cup had been a hugely successful way to end the tournament.

“If there was a sign off, or a signature to say well, bye bye Hopman Cup, it was the fact that probably the two greatest players in the history of the sport, Roger Federer and Serena Williams, went on court at the Perth Arena and went head-to-head,” he said.”Now that is just remarkable and something we all should say, well you couldn’t get a better way to sign off the Hopman Cup than that.”

The ATP Cup will feature 24 teams and more than 100 players, and Mr McNamee said it would ensure international tennis remained in Perth.
While the Hopman Cup was a mixed tournament, the replacement fixture will be a men’s only tournament.There has been no confirmation about whether a Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) fixture would be set up to allow international women’s tennis to continue to be played in Perth.

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