Is it value paying to fulfill your heroes?

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Matty Healy from the 1975 has sparked a dialogue on-line concerning meet and greets when tweeting he did not assume bands ought to charge fans to fulfill them. thus is it value paying to fulfill your heroes?

Fancy meeting girl Gaga?

If you had a spare $2,000 (£1,523) you’ll have done thus at her urban center concerts, wherever they add a backstage tour, pre-show reception and “swag bag”, though it does not embrace the particular concert price ticket.

Not got that a lot of cash? For a small amount less you’ll arise shut with choreographer Mendes. the highest important person package on his United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland tour, that starts on weekday, includes meeting him and obtaining a signed stringed instrument. that may set you back £450.

Perhaps you are thinking, “who would pay all that?” Well, each packages square measure sold out. there’s high demand for the prospect to rub shoulders with the celebs, or a minimum of have a photograph op and an ungainly encounter.

Selling costly meet and greet opportunities is nothing new. however Matty Healy, frontman of Brit triumph band The 1975, lit a dialogue last week once he took to Twitter, questioning why stars participate.

“I assume there is 2 sides to the argument,” says metropolis Cohen of music management firm ATC, WHO represent acts like Nick Cave, Katie Melua and PJ William Harvey.”Where he is positively right, is concerning the requirement to treasure and respect the link between the creator and also the fans.

“Anything that appears or looks like the fans and their followers is being taken advantage of, may be a terribly dangerous line for associate creator to tread. these items will bump into as milking the fans for everything they are value.

“However, on the flip aspect, road is changing into more and more high-priced, and thus it’s incumbent upon the artists and their management groups to maximise the revenue they will generate.”

Fans have conjointly had their say, with some difference it is a great way to support their favorite enterprising artists.

Healy goddamn the main record labels for exploiting artists, tweeting: “I assume the matter is that a great deal of artists do not perceive however brutal it’s, as a result of MAJOR LABELS have normalised it.

“So MAJOR LABELS ought to modification it. they must create all fans pay in money – on to the creator. they must virtually reach the $200. Would before long stop.”

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