5 things to grasp for April 8: Kirstjen Nielsen, freed yank, UK school rules

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Congrats to the Baylor Bears, the new queens of the court. They beat Notre Dame last night to win their third women’s school basketball national title. Here’s what else you would like to grasp to induce Up to hurry and Out the Door

  1. Kirstjen Nielsen
    Kirstjen Nielsen is out because the secretary of independent agency. Nielsen has been the face of President Trump’s uncompromising immigration policies, however apparently she wasn’t uncompromising enough for Trump on his signature issue. Nielsen did not resign volitionally, a supply told CNN, together with her resignation announcement returning when a tense meeting at the White House with the President. Nielsen’s tenure at country can in all probability best be remembered for her defense of the administration’s policy, that caused widespread outrage when many migrant kids were separated from their folks. Trump named Kevin McAleenan, WHO is that the US Customs and Border Protection commissioner, as country Security’s acting secretary. Nielsen is simply the most recent high-level departure from this administration. carry on with all of the exits here.
  2. kidnapped yank freed
    Kimberly Sue colonist is free this morning, when her dream trip to Republic of Uganda changed into a nightmare. colonist associated a guide were seize by gunmen last week whereas they were on an excursion to examine gorillas at a Ugandan park. The armed gang demanded a ransom of $500,000, Ugandan police aforementioned. Security forces saved colonist and also the guide, WHO were each unscathed, yesterday within the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo. A ransom was paid to free them, a supply told CNN.
  3. Libya
    There’s been an uptick in violence in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, so the US is pulling troops out of the country. The troops — who provide military support of diplomatic missions, counter terrorism activities and improving regional security — are being temporarily relocated. US officials wouldn’t say where these troops are being sent due to security reasons. The increase in violence comes from attacks by a renegade Libyan general who has launched an offensive against the country’s UN-recognized government.
  4. Burned Louisiana churches
    Over an almost two-week span, three black churches in one rural parish have burned in suspicious fires. St. Mary Baptist Church, Greater Union Baptist Church and Mount Pleasant Baptist Church have all burned since March 26 in St. Landry Parish, about 30 miles north of Lafayette. Officials call the blazes “suspicious” and have stepped up the law enforcement presence at other churches in the area. Black churches were often the targets of violence, including arson fires, during the civil rights era.
  5. UK and tech companies
    Social media companies could be held legally responsible for any violent content on their platforms under new rules proposed by the UK government. The rules, intended to make the internet safe for kids and other vulnerable groups, would force tech companies to scrub from their platforms any content that incites violence, encourages suicide or constitutes cyber-bullying. The government would block access to websites or apps that fail to comply and the senior managers of those tech companies could face civil fines and criminal liability. More details on the proposed rules will be available today in a government position paper.

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