2020 candidates, journalists pushed tweet falsely claiming Trump called asylum seekers ‘animals’

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A tweet that has since been deleted went infective agent over the weekend for claiming that President Trump cited asylum seekers making an attempt to achieve entry into the U.S. as “animals.”

At issue was Trump’s comments throughout a could 2018 listening session concerning immigration, once he seasoned remarks concerning MS-13 gang members by bearing on them as “animals.” several at the time took his comment out of context to counsel he was bearing on all immigrants.


Nearly a year later, Twitter user Mark Elliott shared video of these same remarks and tweeted that he cited asylum seekers as “animals,” suggesting the president’s remarks were created recently.

Elliott deleted the tweet 3 days later ANd offered an apology.

“I have learned that Trump’s comments were in response to a particular question concerning MS-13 members and not concerning asylum seekers additional generally. I actually have chosen to delete the tweet, however am repetition it here. My apologies for not being additional correct,” Elliott tweeted Monday.


But before deleting the tweet, it went infective agent, sparking 2020 presidential candidates additionally as many members of the media to condemn Trump. several of the reactions were compiled by Washington Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold.

New York fractional monetary unit. Kirsten Gillibrand declared on Twitter that “no person is AN animal.” South Bend politician Pete Buttigieg expressed similar sentiment. alternative outstanding Democrats like Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez referred to as out such “dehumanizing” language.

Several journalists peddled the item on Twitter, including MSNBC host Joy Reid and New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush. It was also mentioned on-air by CNN anchor Jim Sciutto as well as MSNBC commentators Neera Tanden and Jonathan Alter of The Daily Beast.

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