Theresa May is to hold last-minute Brexit talks with the leaders of Germany and France later

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Theresa could is to carry unpunctual Brexit talks with the leaders of FRG and France later, four days before the united kingdom is because of leave the EU.

Mrs could is meeting Angela Merkel in Berlin, followed by Emmanuel diacritical mark in Paris, to urge them to back her request to delay Brexit once more till thirty June.

The prime minister are going to be at associate emergency summit on Wed once all EU states can vote on associate extension.Cross-party talks geared toward breaking the impasse are set to continue.

The negotiating groups are going to be joined by Chancellor Prince Philip Hammond and shadow chancellor John McDonnell, with the Labour legislator expression they hoped to “broaden the talks”.

The UK is currently due to leave the EU at 23:00 BST on Friday.

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So far, MPs have rejected the withdrawal agreement Theresa May reached with other European leaders last year.One of most contentious parts of the plan is the Irish backstop – an insurance policy that aims to prevent a hard border returning to the island of Ireland.

The EU has continually said it will not re-open the withdrawal agreement for negotiations, but Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom renewed her plea for them to look again.

She told reporters the “best possible outcome” would be if the “EU decide to support measures on the backstop”, and that she though it would be “fantastic [if] Angela Merkel will try to support a proper UK Brexit by agreeing to open the withdrawal agreement.

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