The U.S. Capitol’s overnight custodial staff allege they were sexually harassed

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The U.S. Capitol’s long tutelary workers say they were sexually annoyed, exposed to creation in lawmakers’ offices and overheard conversations during which others were being annoyed, in keeping with a watchdog investigation into ten years of molestation reports within the designer of the Capitol, the workplace answerable for maintenance and operations on hill By Sarah Kolinovsky.

In a report submitted to Congress by the workplace of the officer, designer of the Capitol workers aforementioned they usually don’t speak up regarding inappropriate behavior for worry of getting even. One staff member rumored nobody had a solution for them once they asked throughout molestation hindrance coaching, “what happens if the harasser could be a member of Congress?”

The report does not specify what percentage complaints regarding lawmakers were filed.Congress asked the officer in October to seem into years-worth of molestation reports among the designer of the Capitol, and whether or not that workplace was handling the cases properly.

The officer found there have been fifty seven reports of molestation over a decade. The report notes this range of reports is low for a work force the dimensions of the designer of the Capitol , though it conjointly acknowledges worry of getting even could lead on staff to decide on to not report their experiences.

The report also found there is a “widespread perception that sexual harassment is a pervasive problem” within the Architect of the Capitol and the investigators attribute that perception to “lingering cultural bias.”

The report highlighted the Architect of the Capitol for appearing “to be energetic in its efforts to improve the agency culture and create an environment of civility” and that “the results of our inquiry were primarily positive, with the majority of identified gaps already receiving the attention” of department officials.

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