China Q1 GDP growth steady at 6.4% year on year, beats expectations for slowdown

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China’s economy grew slightly quicker than expected within the 3 months to March, official figures free weekday showed.The economy swollen at half dozen.4% within the half-moon from a year earlier, prior a Reuters forecast of half dozen.3%.

Beijing has taken steps to spice up its fastness economy, as well as tax cuts, whereas attempting to not inflate debt.The world’s second-largest economy additionally faces softer international demand for its merchandise and a trade war with the U.S..

China’s rate of growth is closely-watched for the potential outcome on the worldwide economy.The latest growth figures were in line with the half dozen.4% rate denote within the last 3 months of 2018.

The result follow a pointy pick-up in mill output, with industrial production jumping to eight.5% in March.Other data out Wednesday also showed improvement. Retail sales for March rose 8.7% on a year earlier, and fixed asset investment expanded to 6.3% from a year earlier.

While China watchers advise caution with Beijing’s official GDP numbers, the data is seen as a useful indicator of the country’s growth trajectory.”There is no denying that China’s economy ended the first quarter on a stronger note,” Capital Economics China economist Julian Evans-Pritchard said.

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Beijing is forecasting slower growth of between 6% and 6.5% this year, down from a target of around 6.5% in 2018.

China’s government has been pushing to shift away from export-led growth to depend more on domestic consumption.

Policymakers in China have stepped up efforts in recent months to support the economy including cutting some taxes, speeding up construction projects and cutting the level of reserves banks are required to hold.

Mr Evans-Pritchard said there are still “some reasons for caution” in the short-term.”But with credit growth now accelerating and sentiment improving, China’s economy will bottom out before long if it hasn’t already.”

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