‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 2 recap: Let’s all sit by the fire before we die

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Did you like that episode of the Game of Thrones? Did all the fireside chats and sweet moments of affection between your faves warm your heart and make you foolishly believe, even for a moment, that there may be true happiness awaiting them on the other side of this war?

Good, because we all know what happens next: PAIN, and LOTS OF IT.
Winterfell is preparing for battle. For the common folk, this involves lots of training and fighting and weapons making and giant stick-whittling, but for the main characters, it mostly means chugging fermented goat’s milk and hooking up on hay bales.

Hey, everyone’s pretty sure they’re going to die anyway.
Everyone except Daenerys, that is. What else would explain her continued preoccupation with ruling the Seven Kingdoms when there’s an entire army of dead people at her door? She’s not dense, and she’s seen the threat of the Army of the Dead firsthand, so there’s no other explanation than to assume she’s just very, very confident that the Night King is gonna be an easy win.

Even when Jon (finally!) confesses the truth — that he is her brother’s son and a legitimate Targaryen — her first thought isn’t “Wow, I’m having relations with my nephew,” it’s that Jon is now her royal competition.Sure, the bar for incest on this show is pretty low, but it still bears consideration, ya know?

After a tense little parley, Jamie is begrudgingly welcomed at Winterfell, which gives him plenty of time to catch up with Brienne, Tyrion and The Artist Formerly Known as Bran. Bran politely refrains from telling everyone that Jaime definitely tried to kill him all those years ago. He explains that Jamie is now useful in the war to come and that, no offense, it’s pretty bold of the newly redeemed knight to assume he’s going to survive. For all his power, Bran’s social skills definitely scream “Guy Who Was Educated Inside a Tree.”

Speaking of tension, Daenerys is still at odds with Sansa, who is still just trying to figure out how to feed everyone and get a general idea of what the North is going to look like once everything is said and done. Sensible — or should we say, SANSABLE.

It’s telling that Dany has a pretty good vision of what her Iron Throne rule will look like but hasn’t given a lot of thought to the future of her nephew boo’s homeland. And just like that, their burgeoning sisterhood is quickly stalled.

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