British girl describes Australia road-trip abduct

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A British tramper has spoken for the primary time regarding being abducted and raped by a person in Australia.Elisha Greer, 24, was control captive by Marcus Martin throughout a one,000 mile road trip in 2017 – throughout that she was crushed and had a gun control to her head.

Ms Greer, originally from port, told Australia’s Channel seven he “seemed sort of a nice guy” after they had met at a celebration in Queensland 2 months earlier.Martin, 24, pleaded guilty to rape and deprivation of liberty in Oct.

He is because of be sentenced on twenty eight might.Ms Greer affected to Australia in 2015, aged 21. She told the Sunday Night programme she met Martin in Cairns in Jan 2017, and once swapping numbers, Martin affected into her bedchamber.He began asking her for cash, and, in keeping with Ms Greer, it had been shortly before he became abusive.

She aforementioned he bought a gun for “protection” and she or he was “forced to drive the automobile with the gun to my head” whereas he robbed a crook.After he had taken medicine, Martin hit, raped and obstructed Ms Greer till she passed out.

“He spinned and he simply began to hit ME, hit me, hit me,” she aforementioned of 1 attack.Ms Greer aforementioned Martin would “cuddle her” and be contrite once the assaults – however his violent and dominant behaviour continuing.

She aforementioned he threw her contraceptive away as a result of “maybe he thought that he may management ME a lot of if i used to be along with his child”.Eventually, Ms Greer aforementioned Martin was receiving threatening text messages and he became “determined to go away city before some other person found him”.

Ms Greer went on to explain the one,000-mile road trip, wherever Martin’s abusive behaviour intense.In one incident she aforementioned her face turned purple once he shoved her onto the ground, between the door and seats – breaking her nose.

“I suppose he frightened himself typically owing to what quantity harm he was doing, then again i believe he conjointly felt power,” aforementioned Ms Greer.She aforementioned she contemplated killing Martin therefore she may escape, however feared it’d build matters worse, if her try failing.

During a stop she left a plea for facilitate during a visitor’s book – that was unrequited. Finally, once 5 days of driving the try stopped for gasoline at a station.Ms Greer, United Nations agency was being forced to drive, aforementioned she left while not paying – within the hope workers would decision the police.

An attendant known as the authorities and Ms Greer was reclaimed by police in Queensland once they stopped the 4×4 she was drivingDescribing the injuries she suffered, Ms Greer said: “He skint my nose, split my supercilium open, I had varied amounts of bite marks all up and down my arms.

“I had bite marks on my face, he had injured ME within the neck with the key, I had 2 black eyes, hand prints everywhere my body from bruises. such a lot of bruises.”She was taken to hospital however aforementioned she solely felt safe days later, once she saw her mum.

Martin, 24, of Cairns, pleaded guilty to 3 counts of rape and one count of deprivation of liberty in Oct 2018, and can be sentenced on might twenty eight.

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