Messengers are insulting Argentine jersey!

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Argentina has started the Copa America 2-0 to Colombia. Diego Maradona washed the party after such a bad start. Said Messi is insulting Argentine jerseys in such a game.

Argentina’s performance at the hands of Copa América started in Colombia is absolutely not enough to fill the mind. Not only did he lose, 14-time copa winners were not found in body language. Diego Maradona, who has been criticized by Argentina, They say they are insulted by the Argentine jersey, wearing jerseys!

Argentina has not won any major international title since 1993. Maradona has been criticizing the successors of many times. There are many times when you do not keep any rackets in criticism. This has been done this year. Messi’s party washed his way as well.

Maradona says Messi is angry at the game, “They (team), you will feel when you see the game, Tonga will be able to defeat us. Over the years, we have built a respect for this group. What else is left of that honor? Does this jersey have any respect? You all are insulting this jersey. ‘

Albeselaestara played safe football in the first half against Colombia. But in the second half the goal was made to go for the goal. 0 minute rate to begin with the last two goals have been eaten by the superiority of the continental tournament. After eating his first goal of the match mesira tried, but could not get the goal.

However, statistics say that after Martín’s goal of defending 71 minutes Argentina became very sure. Once again, the goal of the match to forget that Messi’s team! Argentina could not win a match in the last 10 matches, losing in the beginning. In this 10 matches, 9 of them have managed to do just one match against Venezuela.

Late in the beginning, Argentina won the last time in the final of the 2018 World Cup qualification match. Ever since Ecuador, Lionel Messi won the hat-trick in the World Cup by winning 3-1 goals, two World Cup champions assured.

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