Shakib has won a big war

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Shakib Al Hasan came up with a goal to play the World Cup. What a great translation of that determination in the field. This is Shakib’s big battle win

When Liton Das confirmed the boundaries of the match, Shakib Al Hasan, standing at the other end, picked up a stump. As a reminder, Stump wanted to keep it close to itself. But it was not taken for the umpires’s ban, but the wicket came.

Do not say junk! Light-tight burns. They do not want to give this stamp ‘- there is no regrets about not having a stamp collection, but reminded me of the matter. Although the tone of the innings that played in the Trenton, although it can not be stamped as a memento, it will remain an invaluable ‘memorial’ in the history of Bangladesh. His superb century helped Bangladesh to chase the highest run in one-day history. What is the win!

Why only against the West Indies, Shakib surprised the series since last year. 124 *, 121, 64, 75, 50 * 29 and 61 * – In the last seven innings, five of the five innings have been scored. In this World Cup, it has got two centuries. Tomorrow itself said, “I have decided to play well in the World Cup.” He is moving in great speed to meet the goal. At the press conference, he is at the top point of his career considering batting, “If I think of Rane, I am in the best position of career. Earlier I had a good position. Having a good position does not mean that we can run well. Sometimes it was not possible to run more than a good position. I’m in a better position than everything. I will try to keep it. ‘

Now is the best rhythm. Get wickets when going wicket. However, Shakib Bholni had a difficult time, when he had to get to the pace to get the runs, ‘It is not the case that I will get the most wickets if I am very good. Many times it is possible to do a lot without being in the best position. I’m in a very good condition now. Whenever there comes a difficult situation, remember the pain. It gives me courage, gives strength that it does not have to be much harder than I have suffered so much. That power has always been in my mind. That thought is psychologically very supportive. ‘

Work on fitness, an important part of the preparations that will be made to do well in the World Cup. To ease the batting, the weight has reduced to around 6 kg. However, Shakib does not think he is achieving this achievement due to fitness, “It is such a situation that at this stage, it is more difficult to be mentally tough in such an environment. If you like fitness it will help you. But at the end of the day, the more difficult it is to be mentally strong, the more brave it can be, the more it helps in batting-bowling. The battle is with yourself If someone loses inside, there is no chance of winning. If I can always say that I have come to win, I have come to win, maybe not always, but there is a chance to win most of the time.

Not only with himself, Shakib has done another ‘war’ yesterday – the disease that is not coming to the end of Bangladesh’s batsmen, it has been released since then. Excellent start, great ‘build up’ and fantastic ‘finishing’ – Shakib says they have created an example yesterday, ‘this is a good example. When Tamim and I were batting, I told him at least twice, we can finish it. The game will end before 5-6 if we are batting. When I was batting with Liton, I tried to tell both of them, we have to stay at the end. Must be unbeatable. I got a lot of balls, I could kill four. Never have to be pressured to hit a good ball. Both of them have been talking many times, if both of them can be finished.

Came to the end. Now Shakib’s responsibility, the great game that is playing in the World Cup, giving it a great finishing to the end.

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