Chattu Rashid and Afghanistan in English bat

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England’s record of highest score in an innings Morgan scored the record of most batsmen in a batsman. Rasheed is the highest run score in the World Cup

Johnny Bairstow out of the hand muscle showed Gulbadin Nive He got very good at the TV screen, he also adapted with muscles, wrestlers. But that’s the game of cricket, it takes intelligence here. Seeing the Afghan captain’s muscle, maybe England captain Eoin Morgan gave his mind to show muscle strength. It was the defeat of Afghan bowlers. England have scored 397 runs in an innings in an innings in the match.

Bairstow dismissed in the 30th over Bairstow returns to 90 runs (99 balls) His partner Joe Root’s run in the second wicket partnership of 120 runs then 45 runs. The 45-run 49-ball innings said that the route was very fast to build the innings.

The route then reduced the speed of the run. In the next 13 overs, scored 25 runs in 23 balls. Nevertheless, no one could see him. How to go? On the other hand, Morgan has stalled the tension. Just sending the route aside to the gallery. Rashid Khan is suspected of his bowling ability, one after the other in Chakkaya. A batsman, who reached the end of the 30th over, got the century in 43rd over. When he reached his 11th century in Chakkah, he got 57 balls. Hey, there were 3 fours with this 11 shukkar.

The World Cup saw the fastest century ever. Kevin O’Brien scored a century against England in the 2011 World Cup. Glenn Maxwell and AB de Villiers showed the 51 and 52-ball centuries in the 2015 World Cup. Today, only 52 balls to reach 200 to 300 in the mortal remains of England have taken the game.

Morgan has not forgotten the record of the fastest century in the World Cup just after a little sorry to forget that soon forgotten Morgan After scoring six sixes, the English captain, one over from Rashid Khan The rest of the three are the nieves. That’s the world record. Chris Gayle tops one-day internationals in one innings with most six morgans He scored 17 sixes in 71 balls, with 148 fours in four fours.

The Afghan captain will still get the comfort, before the last three chakkara of Morgan – before the root and Morgan out of the same over! He took 3 wickets in 10 overs as well as 68 runs. Today, at least I can not get it by showing muscle.

After a 300-run innings, England collapsed in an innings. Root (88), Morgan (148) and Butler (2) were back in quick succession by 9 runs. Stokes also spent 6 balls to score two runs. But Rashid’s ‘Century’ has been done in this regard. Rashid stopped by 110 runs in 9 overs. Rashid has scored more than 100 runs in the World Cup as the second Afghan and fourth bowler. The remaining three bowlers, however, have fulfilled their quota. Rashidai is the highest run score in the World Cup. Only one player in ODIs has scored more than one, Australia’s Mick Lewis. Rasheed had to spend only 4 runs to build the record when he got the opportunity to overtake the 10th over.

Moin Ali took 31 runs off 9 balls in the end to take the score to 400. England have also recorded the highest number of sixes in an innings in Chakka. Daulat Zadran has got 3 wickets for 85 runs. Mujib Ur Rahman scored 44 runs in 10 overs, the information is incredible!

Hashmatullah Shahid’s 76 runs in a respectable fight against Afghanistan has been a respectable fight. Finally Afghanistan scored 247 runs in 8 wickets. The biggest difference between the World Cup (150 runs) and sadness also adds to the fate of Afghanistan.

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