Long live ‘VAR’!

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Brazil beat Brazil in the Copa América with a draw without a win Three rounds of Brazil’s VAR have been canceled in the match.

“Bhieara” Long live Brazil Copa America in Venezuela at the end of the match when supporters raised slogans. Video Assistant Referee or VAr Blessings There was no other team in international football than before.

Brazil fans are not able to sing VAR-Unfortunate songs again Brazil’s performance in the overall match was below expectations. He has given the missions to the goal. The performances of the Latin region’s optimism on the home ground, as expected, were not available to the hosts, it does not seem to be a big football expert. However, Venezuelan super-protective tactics are also less responsible for Brazil’s performance.

David Nares, Fermino, Richardson, Jesseus, Philippe Lewis-Miss everyone. At the end of the match in the final flute market, Salvador’s Arena Fountive Novar has expressed his anger with 39 thousand ‘unsatisfied’ supporters ‘duo’.

In the 38th minute of the match, Venezuelan sent ball in the net, Fermino But before making the goal, he foisted Wienuveva. The mistake of the video assistant referee or the VAR was found to be incorrect. Canceled is the goal.

One goal can be canceled. But Brazilian supporters still did not even think what they were waiting for. In the first half, Richardson was looking for herself in the whole time. In the second half, he was replaced by coach Jesse

In the 57 minute he sent the fake ball to Venezuela. But luck did not help anymore. Jude’s shot from outside the D box came to Vimanno’s body and came to Ferimino. Fermino gave Jesse the goal of the star of Manchester City. But VAr was seen in front of the ball before being tossed to Josephus Ferimino Brazil’s goal was repealed once again for the welfare of the technology.

For the third time VAr Brazil’s goal was canceled, at the end of the match. Transferred to Everton Pass, Kutinah scored the goal. But in the replay, Ferrimino was again offside.
Venezuelan coach Rafael Dudamel has expressed his desire to save the match in Vélé Vélkie, “VAr Long Live In fact, Brazil is a team that has great talent in the team. We played fairly well against A team today. Brazil has put us in the test. But my team’s players know what they should do, and at any time, any kind of technique should be employed.

The Brazil coach did not comment on VAR any ‘bitter’. According to him, every VAR decision was correct, ‘I have no complaints. VAR technology has been used properly. There are reasons to cancel each goal. The VAR could capture them properly. ‘

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