History says England can fall apart!

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England lose to Sri Lanka, making it difficult for the semi-finals of the World Cup, England makes it difficult Against the 27-year history of the team

Sri Lanka finally got the World Cup in trouble! Who knows how hard England will lose to Sri Lanka tomorrow Sri Lanka, however, could have pulled the hosts to the ground after winning the jaw-dropping fight. And since the start of the flight flying England has become difficult for the World Cup after crashing aircraft like ‘Flying Landing’.

England were seen before the World Cup as one of the four teams in the semifinals. Evo Morgan’s team was performing on the expectation. But after the defeat to Sri Lanka, the equation for the semester has become difficult for them. England have three points in the table with 8 points from 6 matches. The team is in the hands of three matches. In these three matches, their opponents – defending champions Australia, second-ranked India in one-day rankings and last World Cup runners-up New Zealand

If they win these three matches, England will be assured of the semi-finals. Although the run-rate is good, if it wins two matches, it can be ensured that the semifinals. Even if they win a match, the Morgans team can be seen in the last four, but in that case the result of the other matches will be for themselves. But if England can win the remaining three matches, then no further equation will be required.

History is not for England. It is from 1992 World Cup. England have not been able to win 10 games in all competitions against the three teams from the service version. That means they could not lose the three teams in seven World Cups in the last 27 years. Morgan is also optimistic, “We try to turn the ball back very well. I hope, that’s what (against Australia). ” England will face Australia in their next match at Lord’s on Tuesday.

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