Sri Lanka named batting Bangladesh will win South Africa

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Although the match is South Africa v Sri Lanka, the match also involves Bangladesh’s interest. If Sri Lanka win today, their points will be 8. As a result, they will be left behind in the five points of the list. Tiger’s seminary dream will become even more difficult. On the other hand, the win of the match will not have any effect for the South Africa knockout from the World Cup.

Defending champion Faf du Plessis, who missed the toss in Chester lee Street, He also won the toss. But choose bowling. South Africa has lost five of the seven matches played so far in the World Cup. They got 3 points due to a win and a abandoned match. The World Cup, which is known as ‘Chokey’, has ended.

On the other hand, the fight for the fourth position of the four teams in the semi-finals is going on between the host England and the three Asian countries of Bangladesh-Pakistan and Sri Lanka. These four teams hold positions from number 4 to 7 in points list. Everyone has the opportunity to go to semis.

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