1 killed in US boat firing

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At least three people were killed in a US Navy base shooting in Florida. The incident took place in the classroom of a building on Friday.

The BBC reported that a gunman from the US Navy opened fire in Pensacola, Florida. Seven people were injured in the shooting, according to a local sheriff’s office. Some of them are in critical condition. The injured were taken to the hospital. According to the BBC, two officers opened fire to stop the gunman. The two workers were also injured during the exchange of fire. Both were shot. However, their condition is not serious.

Following the incident, the US Navy said in a statement that the investigation had begun. The name of the person involved in the incident will not be released. It was not mentioned whether the gunman was arrested.

The US has more than 3,000 militaries and about 3,000 civilian members on the boat.

Two crews were shot dead on Wednesday by a sailor at Pearl Harbor military base in Hawaii. Then the same thing happened again.

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