3 Bangladeshis person suffering from coronavirus : IEDCR

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Three people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the country. The announcement was made on Sunday by Mirzadi Sabrina, director of the Government’s Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR). Sabrina said the two had recently returned home from Italy. One of them was suffering from coronas.

Sebrina said two of the three victims were men and one woman.

Coronavirus originated in Wuhan province of China in December last year. Later spread to other provinces of China and various countries of the world. Earlier in India and Pakistan, coronary patients were also found. But this is the first time the patient is identified in Bangladesh.

Today, Mirzadi Sabrina said, “There has never been a situation like the spread of corona in Bangladesh. There was no situation like closing schools and colleges. ”

However, Sabrina advised not to go public if Corona is not needed to prevent it. He said, “All measures have been taken to prevent corona. Isolation unit is done. ‘

Sabrina said, “I am not scared to spread further. No need to wander after everyone’s masks. ‘

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