Amazon region: Brazil records big increase in fires

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Official figures from Brazil have shown an enormous increase within the number of fires within the Amazon region in July compared with an equivalent month last year.

Satellite images compiled by Brazil’s National Space Agency revealed there have been 6,803 – an increase of 28%.

President Jair Bolsonaro has encouraged agricultural and mining activities within the Amazon.

But struggling from international investors in early July his government banned starting fires within the region.

The latest figures raise concerns a few repeat of the large wildfires that shocked the planet in August and September last year.

“It’s a terrible sign,” Ane Alencar, science director at Brazil’s Amazon Environmental Research Institute, was quoted as saying by Reuters press agency .

“We can expect that August will already be a difficult month and September are going to be worse yet.”Mr Bolsonaro has criticised Brazil’s environmental enforcement agency, Ibama, for what he describes as excessive fines, and his first year in office saw a pointy drop by financial penalties being imposed for environmental violations. The agency remains underfunded and understaffed.

Source: bbc news

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