An Invitation to Trump Condemnation Hearings

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Congress invites US President Donald Trump to attend Reuter’s campaign hearing He was invited on December 5. The BBC reported online on Wednesday.

Gerald Nadler, the Democrat chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said either Trump should attend the hearing, or he would stop complaining about it.

In a statement, Nadler said he had written a letter inviting Trump to attend the hearing next month. Trump may take the opportunity to attend the hearing. Otherwise, he should stop complaining. Nadler hopes Trump will attend the hearing directly or through a consultant. Attending the hearing will allow Trump to question witnesses.

Trump spoke with Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky on July 25 by telephone. At the time, Trump pressured Jalensky to investigate his son Hunter Biden’s past business to undermine the image of president-elect Joe Biden from the Democratic Party in the next election. In exchange, he promised to approve military aid funds for Ukraine.

The US opposition party, the Democratic Party, seems to have misused the president’s power to personalize with Trump. This move made him praiseworthy. The House of Representatives launched an anti-Trump investigation on September 26 against Trump over allegations of abuse of power. Three committees of the House of Representatives are investigating the matter.

Lockheed’s testimony was first taken as part of the investigation. The witnesses were later heard openly. Adam Schiff, head of the Intelligence Committee of the Congressional House of Representatives, said the final report on President Trump’s impeachment is being prepared. The report will be published on December 5.

Trump has been consistently criticizing and criticizing the prosecution. He is watching the opposition conspiracy to investigate the campaign.

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