Analysis: It will be difficult for Iran to find alternatives to Qasim Solaimani

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Oil prices begin to rise,
Iran loses one of its most important children Surely this is just the beginning of a major war. General Qasim Solaimani is also one of the favorites for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the highest religious leader in Iran. And it’s very important to choose Friday morning for the killings.

Such a big step was needed for Trump to win the election. Many US TV channels initially called the incident a positive one. Although such attacks have been termed as ‘terrorism’ in international law, Twitter-loving US President Trump himself did not delay the wake of the nationalist clashes with the post of the US flag on social media by posting a flag on the social media.

Israel, IS and Saudi Arabia will be particularly delighted at the final trial. General Soliman was the direct opposition to these three forces. But surely almost all countries in the Middle East will be affected by this. A phase of pseudo-warfare was completed in the whole region and a new phase began. Everyone will be looking at Iran’s next step and want to see what Iran does now!

Fuel prices have already started rising. At least one-third of the global oil market fell under the circumstances of the war through the death of Haji Qasem.

Iran-US dialogue no longer an opportunity for
Islamic Revolutionary Guard ‘Kudos Force’ United States is a terrorist organization, but its general, Gen. Solaimani, is a very dear man of Iran whom he is accustomed to calling “Haji Qasem”. In recent years, he has been like a spearhead for Iran in increasing Iran’s influence in the Middle East and Central Asia. He is regarded as one of the most talented mathematicians in the history of Iran. If the US Defense Secretary dies in an international terrorist attack, the feeling in Washington is similar to the death of Solaimani to Iran.

Naturally, the first outcome of the murder would be Iran’s prolonged negotiations with the United States. In addition, Saudi Arabia’s relations with Iran will decline sharply. In addition, immediate reactions will occur in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. As a result, the death of Haji Qasem is in fact only a declaration of international war. The war that had been going on in secret for a long time became public.

Iran’s media has been referring to the president of the United States since its inception. This means that the country has had a goodbye to political reformers and those who have negotiated with the United States.

IS huge relief for
Haji Qasem’s death in Iraq Abu Mahdi, the second major commander of Iraq’s ‘Popular Mobilization Unit’, was killed along with Qasem in a US airstrike. Populist mobilization is the main military force in the last few years against the ISIS war in Syria and Iraq. As a result, the inaction of the duo will bring great relief to IS in Iraq.

At the same time, this will only further worsen the ongoing political unrest in Iraq. In such an anarchic state, IS in the semi-devastated state may again have the opportunity to be restructured. In the meantime, US airstrikes have been reported at multiple locations in Anbar, including Iraq and in Syria, as well as multiple garrisons of popularized mobilization, a major achievement for IS.

The major blow to Hamas and Hezbollah
was the immediate cause of the death of General Solaimani in the recent Iranian and US embassies in Iraq, but the late general has long been a target of Washington and Tel Aviv. The reason why the United States didn’t kill him has long been the subject of great anger at Israel over Washington. General Soleimani was the source of inspiration for the Palestinian resistance movement ‘Hamas’ and one of Lebanon’s Hezbollah military advisers. The US military sanctions against Iran were already strained by the military supply of these two forces. Now Haji Qasem’s physical absence will serve as an even bigger blow for them. Israel would like to take this opportunity immediately and increase its public and covert operations in Gaza and Lebanon.

Iran doesn’t think the war will spread, No
Matter how deep the outrage spread across Iran, it will not be easy for Iran to find an alternative to General Soliman. The late General was exceptional. As a result, his absence will hurt Tehran in Syria and Iraq. In such a situation, Iran does not seem to retaliate for the US and its allies. However, on behalf of the United States, it is more than a declaration of war against Iran. But in the midst of the economic blockade, some of them have a shortage of capability to engage in warfare across the country. And in such a war, they have to fight against Saudi Arabia and Israel. As a result, Iran will now keep the Quds Force in a defensive position.

Ali Khamenei has to find an extraordinary general near Gen. Solaimani, to keep Iran’s position in the international pseudo war ahead of Brigadier Ismail Ghani. But it will be timely. Rather, Iraq needs to be more careful now to protect its influence. The attack was carried out at the right time, on the right side of the United States. However, Iran’s rivalry with its allies across the region will increase.

There is no way for Iran’s leaders to increase this. This must be done to show the legitimacy of their leadership in their own country. In this case, Iran will seek to weaken Washington’s regional allies rather than the US directly. Iran can increase the invasion of Saudi Arabia, especially through Yemeni Houthis.

Tehran wants oil prices to rise further. The death of Haji Qasem will only make the Saudi-Iran conflict worse. In view of this, the Friday morning airstrike on January 7 is also great news for the industrial economy around the world. Many countries will be in danger of ending their fuel costs after the attacks.

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