Another defeat of President Trump over immigration

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Another move by President Donald Trump to limit legal immigration to the United States has been to stumble in court. The court has suspended the administrative directive that the green card will not be available if it takes advantage of what is known as a ‘public charge’.

Food stamps, health, and housing cannot be taken advantage of – such directives from the Trump administration raise extreme concerns for immigrant hopefuls. The directive was supposed to take effect from October 1. On October 8, three federal judges suspended the administrative order and ruled. The ruling is considered a defeat by the Trump administration. Immigrant groups view the court’s ruling as a victory for themselves. The Trump administration is reportedly seeking new ways to implement the directive.

This was President Donald Trump’s most aggressive move to control family immigration. In this direction, the economic potential for immigration to America was given priority, not family ties. Immigrant groups and liberal corporations quickly protested under the direction of immigration to the United States. Subsequent cases were filed in liberal states. The judiciary has repeatedly come forward, despite the Democrats not having a united stance against President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration measures. The ruling in New York, California, and Washington, DC, just four days before the new directive came into effect, has brought relief to immigrants.

George Daniels, a New York federal judge, said in his ruling that there was no justification for defining a long-standing immigration law with a new framework. Allowing this directive to take effect would ‘have a negative impact on law-abiding people who have come to expect a better life in America.’

George Daniels said that if the rule goes into effect, people will have economic insecurity. They will be afraid to take legal benefits. There is a way for citizens to take advantage of these benefits to contribute to society. The judge said in his ruling that the president’s directive would intimidate immigrants from taking advantage of these threats.

Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of the US Immigration Service after the suspension, said measures will be taken to ensure that immigrants are financially supported in the United States. He said that the administration would eventually formulate a legal initiative and policy on this endeavor. He said the judiciary will also be able to understand that immigrants coming to the United States are within the law of their own ability to survive.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham says the judges’ verdict is “extremely disappointing”.New York District Court Judge George Daniels has upheld the nationwide injunction. A San Francisco third district court judge said the administration could not enforce the law within the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Judge Daniels said in his ruling that the definition of ‘public charge’ was not sufficiently explained as to why or why the change was needed. He said that the American dream of hard work and prosperity and success in advancing life – with him the administrative directive of immigration – is confrontational.

Javier Valdes, co-director of an immigrant group called Make the Road New York, praised Judge Daniel’s decision. In a statement, he said the Trump administration’s illicit strategy to suppress racism in the immigration system would be the result of major defeat as a result of today’s decision.

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