Attack on US Embassy in Iran ‘Threat of Revenge’

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Threatens ‘extreme revenge’ after General Kashem Solaimani was killed in a US attack on Iraq. Amid tensions in the Middle East, rocket and mortar attacks took place on Saturday evening in Baghdad’s highly secured green zone and an Iraqi airport. However, nothing was immediately known about the casualties.

The news agency AFP said two mortars in the green zone and two rockets hit Al-Balad Airport north of Baghdad. The US embassy is within that green zone. Mortar reads near it. And US troops are stationed at Al-Balad Airport. Mortar-rocket attacks targeting the US Embassy and US troops have occurred several times in recent times in Baghdad. Washington thinks Iran and Iraq are associated with their Shiite allies.

The funeral of Iranian General Kashem Solaimani, 42, was held in Baghdad yesterday. The body was supposed to be taken to the country yesterday, to be buried on Tuesday. The Iranians are mourning his death. With Iraq being a big part of Iraqis. The outside world is also watching the Iranian authorities take action – what they do and when they take the “total revenge” of the Soleimani assassination. Experts say by their own calculations, any approach to retaliation is most beneficial to Iran. Even so, what to do when he dies – all the way to Solimani himself.

However, as experts reckon, the revenge that Iran will take may well have already ignited the administration of US President Donald Trump. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard chief Rear Admiral Ali Fadawi claimed on state television late Friday night that US authorities were carrying out diplomatic activity in the morning after killing Solaimani, AFP reported. “They say,” If you want to take revenge, do something proportional to what we’ve done, “he said. Ali Fadawi did not say the way in which the US contacted Iranian authorities.

But there is probably an indication of the media saying in the words of Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif. In a separate television interview Friday night, he said, “This morning (Friday), the envoy to Switzerland came up with a message from the United States.” He said that the ambassador had been summoned in the evening in writing.

The Foreign Ministry of Switzerland also confirmed on Saturday that the charge was handed over to the Iranian authorities on Friday morning by the US authorities in Iran.

Major General Qasim Solaimani was the head of the Quds Force, a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The United States killed him last Friday in a missile attack near the Iraqi capital Baghdad Airport. At the same time, nine more were killed along with the leaders of the Shiite militia group in Iraq.

The fact that the United States has been so absurd since the assassination of Solaimani has often been understood in the comments of Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo. He said on Friday that they did not think the US allies would be as helpful in killing Solaimani. “All European allies, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, have to understand what we have done,” he said. We have saved thousands of lives. ‘

The death of Solaimani, which will provoke tensions in the Middle East, has also been indicated at his yesterday’s funeral in Baghdad. Thousands of people participate. They gave anti-US slogans at that time. Since then, US-led forces in Iraq have announced their activities will be limited.

A source told AFP, “Our main priority is to protect members of the Joint Forces.” That is why it has been decided to restrict the training of Iraqi forces. NATO has also announced Western military alliances yesterday, stopping training programs in Iraq. In addition, the UK government has warned its citizens not to visit Iran and Iraq.

Experts believe the threat of Iranian revenge must be taken seriously, the BBC said. Because, despite the sanctions, Tehran has created modern armor. However, experts also think the situation will become more complicated if Iran faces the front. Iran is more likely to suffer. Most of the oil refineries in the oil-rich country are in coastal areas. These refineries are an easy target for the US military presence in the Gulf.

But Washington-based research firm Defense Securities Policy Director Ben Friedman told CNN that if Iran were to take retaliatory measures, the United States would be in danger. This is because the number of US troops present in the Middle East is not enough to counter the Iranian invasion.

Experts say Iran may use Solaimani’s strategy for revenge, according to the BBC. He organized the Shi’ite armed organizations in the Middle East with various assistance, including weapons, training, and not with the United States. Iran may use these organizations against the United States.

In addition, another incident is believed to have occurred in response to the killing of Solaimani on Iraqi soil. Until now, only the Shi’ite local fighters in Iraq had followed Iran, especially Solaimani. This time, Iraqi politicians may also turn to Iran for their own survival. Immediately after the attack, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi and Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the country’s highest spiritual guru, condemned the Shi’ite community, Commenting that the sovereignty of the country has been violated.

Prime Minister Mahdi also attended Solaimani’s funeral in Baghdad yesterday. Moreover, in the Tahrir Square of Baghdad yesterday, Iranian and anti-Iranian protesters have announced that they will unite to fight for the country’s sovereignty. Iraqi lawmakers are demanding the withdrawal of US troops from Iraqi soil. A special session will be held in the Iraqi parliament on Sunday. Protests took place in more than five cities in the United States yesterday to protest the killing of Solaimani.

“Some may think that the death of Solaimani has caused Iran’s fan to break into Iraq,” said Fanar Haddad, a specialist at the Middle East Center at Singapore University. But the opposite is more likely. Iraqi politicians are now getting closer to Iran.

The pressure is mounting on Iranian authorities to avenge the killing of Solaimani. Yesterday, protests across the country demanded revenge. CNN reported that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited his residence yesterday to offer his sympathies to Solaimani’s family. At that time, Solaimani’s daughter demanded revenge for her father’s murder. In reply, Rouhani said, “Everyone will take revenge for the murder.”

Jeremy Bowen, the BBC’s Middle East editor, wrote that General Solaimani was one of the heads of Iran’s strategic plan. He may have planned a plan on how to take revenge if he was killed.

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