Brazil toll soars, as WHO warns on coronavirus: Live updates

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Brazil has reported 679 deaths from coronavirus and 15,654 new cases amid growing controversy over its data and allegations of political manipulation.The head of the planet Health Organization (WHO) has urged countries to continue with efforts to contain the coronavirus. “More than six months into the pandemic this is often not the time for any country to require its foot off the pedal,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a web briefing.

A modelling study from Imperial College has found lockdowns in 11 countries in Europe probably averted approximately 3.1 million deaths from coronavirus.More than seven million people have now been confirmed to possess the coronavirus with a minimum of 405,000 dying from the disease, consistent with data from Johns Hopkins University. The US, the united kingdom and Brazil have recorded the very best death tolls. The US, Brazil and Russia have the foremost cases

Here are the newest updates:

Tuesday, June 9
05:15 GMT – New Zealanders hug, shop and party after restrictions lifted
New Zealanders are enjoying their return to normal life after the last of the country’s coronavirus restrictions were removed in the dark .

“It’s really helped generate that absolute buzz which feeling of more normality really,” cafe owner Katy Ellis told Reuters of the removal of social distancing guidelines.

Cities came back to life as people returned to their offices and browsed the shops with conveyance crowded once more .”People are shopping, dining and just hanging about holding hands,” Steve Price told the press agency from Wellington. “It’s so lovely to ascertain .”

05:05 GMT – Pakistan records deadliest day yet in outbreak
Pakistan has recorded its deadliest day of the coronavirus outbreak thus far , with a minimum of 105 people dead, consistent with Al Jazeera correspondent Asad Hashim.

The country also registered 4,646 new cases taking the general number of cases to 108,317.Pakistan has seen a sustained spike in cases since late May. In an address to the state on Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said his government expected cases to peak in late July. He also defended his decision to stay the economy open, arguing that lockdowns were “not a solution” to the pandemic.

03:55 GMT – Antibodies found in United States Navy sailors on aircraft carrier: study
A United States Navy investigation into the spread of coronavirus on board the Roosevelt has found 60 percent of the roughly 400 sailors on the carrier who volunteered to be tested had antibodies for the virus, consistent with Reuters.

All 4,800 sailors on the ship were previously tested for COVID-19 and a few quarter were positive. In April, the navy and therefore the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention began tests to seem for specific antibodies to urge a more accurate understanding of the virus’s spread on the ship.

Three officials cautioned that the results of the study, which might be released as early as Tuesday, couldn’t be generalised to the whole crew. They noted the amount of volunteers was but half the 1,000 sought. those that participated were also tested again for COVID-19 and asked to finish a survey.

One sailor died and variety of others were hospitalised as a results of the outbreak. The ship’s captain was also fired after a letter he wrote calling for stronger protections for crew was leaked.

03:45 GMT – Jakarta’s governor confident coronavirus in check as city reopens
Jakarta’s governor Anies Baswedan has told Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington that he’s confident coronavirus is in check which the Indonesian capital can deal with a relaxation of lockdown measures that began on Monday,

The governor said that things was far better than in March and April and therefore the authorities wanted to be at the stage where the town was “safe, healthy and productive”. you’ll read more of the interview.

03:20 GMT – Venzuela says COVID-19 aid from Iran has arrived
Venezuela’s government has said a shipment of humanitarian aid from Iran arrived within the country on Monday.

Most of the supplies were test-kits, Plann ing Minister Ricardo Menendez told state television. Iran’s ambassador said the materials would “strengthen Venezuela’s fight against the coronavirus.”

02:40 GMT – California cinemas might be open again on Friday
Cinemas in California might be open again by Friday if they follow capacity guidelines and other measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, and obtain the approval of local officials.

CInemas, which have closed everywhere the planet , will need to limit attendance to 25 percent of capacity or 100 people, whichever is lower.

Movie studios hope enough cinemas are going to be open for a season of summer blockbusters with Disney’s hotly-awaited epic ‘Mulan’ slated for a July 24 release.

Source: aljazeera

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