British forces have committed war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq

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The UK government and the country’s military have been accused of pressuring Afghan and Iraqi forces to kill civilians by British forces.BBC Panorama and a British newspaper The Sunday Times’ investigative team have spoken to five British detectives who said they found credible evidence that war crimes were organized in these two countries.

Correspondents say the trial of the soldiers should have started for the killing. The British defense ministry, however, denied the allegations of crime were unproven.

What shows up in the search?
When British forces took control of Iraq, the Iraq Hist Tehreek-e-Taleban faction or the alleged war crimes investigation. Similarly, another project, Operation Northmoor, has been investigated for war crimes in Afghanistan. Based on these two investigations, new information has been obtained, BBC Panorama and the Sunday Times reported. Later, the British government stopped both That and Operation Northmore.

A lawyer named Phil Shiner submitted more than a thousand case studies to him, but he was dismissed as a lawyer after he allegedly paid mediators to get clients in Iraq. Immediately after the investigation, the two governments closed. But former detectives at that and Operation Northmoor say the government uses Phil Shiner’s case as an excuse to stop the criminal investigation. The investigation into What and Operation Northmoor did not begin with the prosecution.

What does the investigation team say?
A yacht detective told a panorama that the Defense Ministry did not take any action against anyone, even the army or officers. They cannot lose their responsibility. Another detective said the victims of the war criminals were badly stopped.

“I would call it annoying. And I feel bad for these families … they are not getting justice. How do you stand as a British citizen?” Panorama rediscovered several incidents of war crimes allegations. One of these investigations is where an Iraqi policeman was shot dead by a British soldier while he was patrolling Basra on the 21st.

A policeman named Riad al-Musaye was shot in the narrow lane and later died at the hospital. Major Christopher Sass-Franksen, who was investigating the incident, was the commanding officer of the then British Army. Within 24 hours, Major Sass-Franksen finished the investigation, legitimizing the work of the British Army. He said that an Iraqi police officer was first fired and British soldiers were shot only in self-defense.

Northmore investigators say
The British government launched Operation Northmoor in the investigation of the 32 suspected killings on the 29th.The government declared the investigation closed before Royal Military Police detectives interrogated an Afghan witness. A Northmore team detective said, “Before talking to the two sides, I didn’t finish my job.

After completing the work, if you see that you only have British commentary, how is this investigated? “My point is that each of those deaths should be investigated and taken according to the law.”

What is the government saying?
A Defense Ministry spokesman said the operation was carried out in those countries in accordance with the law and any allegations have been thoroughly investigated.

And the BBC’s claim that war crimes have occurred in those countries has been conveyed to the appropriate authorities. The Panorama report on war crimes will be aired on BBC One on Monday, November 7th.

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