China is the new imperialist power

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The period of ideological conflict between capitalism and the socialist camp is over. Ideal camps do not exist anymore, because today China is no more socialist. But this does not stop the conflict again. The conflict is now with the capitalism of the US model and the capitalism of the Chinese model. This conflict will be visible, especially in developing countries in Africa and Asia. And there it will be seen as the imperial residence of China.

Serbian-US economist Blanco Milanovic attempts to capture the nature of today’s geopolitical conflict in his latest book, ‘Capitalism, Alone’. He also showed the differences between these two models. He said that although China is primarily capitalist and intimately connected with the global economy, its profit is not national, but national interest. The state is the best in this regard. The thing is, the education that the Chinese have learned since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the so-called end of history, people could not learn.

Milanovich’s point is that the Chinese model is more attractive to third world countries because China never gives knowledge of human rights or gay rights to other countries. They do not have to give up. Again the sovereignty of another country does not touch. The point is, the Americans want others to be like them, and the Chinese want to be praised.

But many analysts again say that China cannot stay away from everything like this forever. Today or tomorrow, he must compete with others in order to protect his own interests and security interests. And that’s where his colonial character will come out.

The implications of China’s imperial power, but it is already showing. China has already established military bases in Djibouti, Africa. From there, India is monitoring the ocean. Sri Lanka has already fallen victim to China’s debt diplomacy. They have been forced to hand over the control and management of the port of Hambantota to China by failing to repay its loan. The Sino-Indian conflict has intensified in this regard. With this port, China has been able to increase naval presence in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Kenya is going to have the same consequences. On the other hand, India also has doubts and objections to the ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’ in Pakistan.

Unlike the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank loan, important natural resources are to be protected against Chinese debt. Assets that have high value in the long run. For example, this can be said of Hambantota It is the connecting port of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia in the Indian Ocean. China builds and finances infrastructure in poorer countries, claiming the convenient use of its natural resources, as it has natural resources, as well as ports.

From Sri Lanka’s experience, it is clear that China’s financing can bind any country to Argyle. Instead of lending to grants or special discounts, China lends itself to big projects at market prices. As it lacks transparency, so does the environmental and social impact survey. Former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says China wants to “set its own rules and standards” with the BRI project. To further strengthen its position, China encourages its companies to buy strategically important ports directly. China, on the other hand, bought Piraeus’ port from Greece, which is in the Mediterranean for $ 1 million in cash, which will serve as the ‘dragon head’ of the BRI project in Europe.

On the other hand, China is buying a large number of resources in Uganda and Zambia in Africa. They are buying wealth not only in Africa but also in Europe, Serbia, Italy, Greece, and even Germany. This investment can be a loan trap at any time.

Needless to say, the ‘Socialist’ Soviet Union also once became a colonial power. Lenin unilaterally declared that after the First World War, the Soviet Union would not occupy any colony in Russia. But after World War II, Stalin cut half of Europe. They helped oust the western government from two-thirds of the world’s countries. At that time they had numerous satellite states. China is also expected to walk this way once. The Belt and Road Initiative is already echoing in China. In the words of Jonathan Hillman, a researcher at the US Thought Center for Strategic and International Studies, ‘as the product goes this way, the army can go.’ The Colonial East India Company was also first spread to the earth by way of trade.

With the colony or empire, the word western comes as a magnet. But long before the West became colonial or imperial, many eastern states had colonized. The Mughals are no longer the landowners of India. They also colonized there. The Ming Dynasty of China also follows the same path. After the fall of these two clans, the West got water as a colonial power. Again the Ottomans and Persians were the major forces of the post-imperialist colonial era. As a result, it is not impossible for the Chinese side of the east to

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