China says it doesn’t want more clashes with India: Live updates

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China says it doesn’t want to ascertain any longer clashes on the border with India following a clash on Monday that killed a minimum of 20 Indian soldiers.

India says the “violent face-off” is an effort by China to “unilaterally change the status quo” on the Galwan Valley frontier in Indian-administered Ladakh. Beijing, in turn, accuses the Indian army of “provoking and attacking Chinese personnel, leading to serious physical confrontation”.

Here are the newest updates:

09:17 GMT – India, China armies ‘talking to defuse tension’
Talks are being held between senior Indian and Chinese army officers within the Galwan Valley along the road of Actual Control (LAC) within the Himalayan region to defuse things , India’s press agency , ANI, reported citing sources within the Indian army.

In a report earlier on Wednesday, ANI had also claimed that a Chinese military commander was among quite 40 People’s Liberation Army soldiers killed in Monday night’s “violent stand-off”. The press agency provided no further details.

08:45 GMT – India awaits Modi’s response to Ladakh killings
Meanwhile, India waits for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s response to the death of Indian soldiers because the country’s media vented its fury and political rivals goaded Modi over his silence.

Modi, who rode to power on a nationalist platform, met his defence and foreign ministers and military chiefs late on Tuesday, but he has yet to talk publicly on the worst clash between the 2 countries since the Nathu La conflict in 1967, five years after the Sino-Indian war.

“Why is that the PM silent, why is he hiding,” Rahul Gandhi, leader of the opposition Congress party tweeted. “Enough is enough, we’d like to understand what happened. How dare China kill our soldiers, how dare they take our land.

08:33 GMT – China says it doesn’t want any longer clashes
China has said it doesn’t want to ascertain any longer clashes on the border with India, adding that both countries try to resolve things via dialogue.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian reiterated that China isn’t responsible for the clash and said the general situation at the border is “stable and controllable”.

08:17 GMT – China’s hammer in same area of clashes with India
China’s state broadcaster reported on an out sized military exercise within the same region as a recent deadly border clash with India, The Associate Press reported.

The CCTV report didn’t mention when precisely the military exercise was conducted, only mentioning “recently” which 155 vehicles were utilized in Nyainqentanglha Shan quite 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) from the location of recent deadly clashes between the 2 nations’ armies.

“The exercise adopted a joint strategy of combating three-dimensional intrusion and seizing control,” said Zhang Jialin, Tibetan Military Region Brigade Commander.

08: 04 GMT – India defence minister tweets condolence
India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said the killings of soldiers in Galwan Valley is “deeply disturbing and painful”.

“Our soldiers displayed exemplary courage and valour within the line of duty and sacrificed their lives within the highest traditions of the Indian Army,” he tweeted.

“The Nation will always remember their bravery and sacrifice. My heart goes bent the families of the fallen soldiers. the state stand shoulder to shoulder with them during this difficult hour. We are pleased with the bravery and courage of India’s breavehearts.”

07:30 GMT – How Indian, Chinese media reported Ladakh clash
While Chinese state media has downplayed a deadly military confrontation with India within the Indian-administered Ladakh region, Indian newspapers involved “steely resolve” over the killing of a minimum of 20 soldiers.

Indian press agency ANI on Tuesday night claimed that 43 Chinese soldiers had died in Monday’s clash, without giving further details. Chinese media didn’t reveal casualties on its side.

07:15 GMT – Key dates in decades-old India-China conflict
Asian regional superpowers India and China share an extended history of mistrust and conflict along their lengthy border, and tensions flared in the week in their first deadly clash in additional than four decades.

The world’s two most populous nations and nuclear-armed neighbours haven’t agreed on the length of their LAC frontier, which straddles the strategically important Himalayan region.

Source: aljazeera

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