Chinese newspapers are upset over the dead body

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Chinese newspapers have commented that the United Kingdom, as well as other countries in Europe, should be held liable for the death of Lori. An editorial published in the Chinese newspaper has expressed anger that those countries have not kept their promise to prevent illegal immigration.

All of the bodies found in a UK refrigerated lorry are believed to be Chinese citizens. The victims are believed to have been victims of human trafficking. The United Kingdom and other European countries must take some responsibility for the dead body, according to an editorial published in the Global Times, a Chinese-backed newspaper, on Friday.

Police have recovered five bodies from a lorry container in the industrial area of ​​Grace, Essex, about 20 miles from London’s central London on Tuesday night. The driver of the lorry has been arrested in the incident. The lorry from Belgium entered the UK, according to a new Essex Police statement. Lory arrives at Essex’s Purfleet from Ziebrega, Belgium, on Tuesday night at 8:30 am with the Hollyhead, one of Ireland’s seaports. Police are emphasizing on human trafficking in the investigation of the incident.

Over the years there have been cases of illegal immigrants trying to enter the UK by truck. Earlier, there was such a tragic case of illegal immigration to the UK. British customs authorities have recovered the body of a Chinese man in a tomato truck in the southern port city of Dover.

In a widely read editorial in China’s Global Times, it is impossible to say at this time what the responsibility should be for this tragic event. However, serious humanitarian catastrophes have occurred in the eyes of British and European citizens. It is clear that the UK and the European countries have not fully performed their duty to prevent such deaths.

“Even if trafficking is seen in the country, they cannot be blamed for the deaths of the victims,” ​​the newspaper said in a press release from the Chinese ruling Communist Party. We hope that the UK and European countries will fulfill their commitment to protect human rights and prevent them from torture and sudden death of Chinese citizens. Britain does not seem to have learned from the Dover accident that happened two decades ago.

The newspaper says, “Imagine how thorough the European countries would have been if European citizens had suffered such tragic deaths.” What could the British and Europeans ask themselves, why they could not avoid the same tragic event … What serious measures could they have taken to prevent the event? ‘China has not yet officially confirmed the dead bodies. The Chinese Embassy in London said today that their delegation had met with police in Essex. The embassy also said British police were working to identify the victims. At the moment, it is not possible to say whether the victims are Chinese citizens.

Essex police forces say they are focusing on identifying the victims initially. They are also working with immigration officials. Belgian authorities say they have been investigating how long Lori had been in the country before entering the UK. The front of the lorry has a glass sticker in front of it, inscribed ‘Ireland’ and ‘The Ultimate Dream’. Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said investigations will be carried out to confirm whether Lority has traveled to the UK via Ireland.

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