Colombia Confirms Taxi Driver as First Coronavirus Death

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Colombia’s health ministry late on Saturday confirmed the country’s first death attributed to the coronavirus, because the disease continues to spread worldwide.The victim was a 58-year-old man who worked as a taxi driver within the coastal city of Cartagena.

“We regret to tell Colombians of the primary death of a citizen from coronavirus,” health minister Fernando Ruiz said.

The taxi driver had transported Italian tourists in his vehicle on Mar. 4 and two days later presented the primary symptoms, the ministry said during a statement, adding the person had untreated hypertension and diabetes.

He was first treated on Mar. 13 and died three days later. Two tests for coronavirus came back negative, the statement said, but one was taken incorrectly.

The patient’s sister, a doctor who cared for him and one among his taxi passengers have all tested positive for the virus.”Despite the laboratory results, it’s conclusive to attribute the death to the new virus,” the statement said.

Colombia has thus far recorded 210 cases of COVID-19.

The Andean country will enter a nationwide quarantine from Tuesday night, because the government seeks to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Colombia will block incoming international flights from Monday and has ordered people aged 70 and over to remain indoors until the top of May. the govt has closed terrestrial borders, schools and bars and can halt domestic flights from Wednesday.

The capital Bogota began holding an obligatory quarantine drill on Friday. Originally set to last four days, it’ll now continue straight into the national quarantine.

More than 300,000 people are infected by the coronavirus worldwide and over 13,000 have died.

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