Coronavirus: Asian nations face second wave of imported cases

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South Korea, China and Singapore are among the Asian countries facing a second coronavirus wave, spurred by people importing it from outside.China, where the virus first emerged, reported no new domestic cases on Thursday for the primary time since it started recording numbers in January.

But it reported 34 new cases among people recently returned to China.South Korea saw a jump in new cases on Thursday with 152, though it’s not clear what percentage were imported.

A new cluster there’s centred on a home in Daegu, where 74 patients have tested positive.

On Wednesday, Singapore reported 47 new infections – of which 33 were imported, including 30 residents who had been infected abroad and brought the infection back.

In China, there have been eight more deaths, beat the central province of Hubei and most of them in Wuhan.All three countries had been showing success in controlling domestic cases, but there’s concern that increases elsewhere could unravel their progress.

Much of the main target has now shifted to Europe and therefore the US, but the new numbers signal that the outbreak is way from over in Asia.Malaysia’s senior health office on Wednesday begged people to “stay reception and protect yourself and your family. Please”.

The country has tallied 710 people with the virus, many of them linked to at least one religious event within the capital, Kuala Lumpur , in February.”We have a fat chance to interrupt the chain of COVID-19 infections,” Noor Hisham Abdullah, director general of Health Malaysia, said on Facebook.

“Failure isn’t an option here. If not, we may face a 3rd wave of this virus, which might be greater than a tsunami, if we maintain a ‘so what’ attitude.”According to a tally by John Hopkins University within the US, there are 215,955 cases and eight ,749 deaths globally.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the overwhelming majority – 80% – have occurred in Europe and therefore the Western Pacific region, which incorporates much of Asia.

South Korea has been praised for its response to the epidemic, which has involved tracing the infection, testing large amounts of individuals and isolating patients quickly.

The pace of daily new infections has slowed since the outbreak peaked earlier this month. Before Wednesday’s increase, the amount of individuals contracting the virus had been in double digits for the last four days.

Health officials have warned there’s no room for complacency and are once more urging the general public to remain faraway from large gatherings including in churches, nursing homes, internet cafes and karaoke rooms.

Three people from the national fencing team have tested positive for coronavirus after coming back from a contest in Hungary. All 26 athletes and coaches are now being tested.

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