Coronavirus: Hay fever symptoms could mimic Covid-19, GPs warn

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People with hay fever should not confuse their reaction to pollen with the symptoms of coronavirus, GPs say.

While many symptoms – such as a runny nose – are different, hay fever can also prompt a cough that can alarm both sufferers and those around them.

That has prompted many of these suffering with the allergy to contact family doctors for advice.

The Royal College of GPs said sufferers should consider whether their symptoms are an equivalent as in previous years.

But it’s also expressed concern that folks may leave the house thinking they need just got the seasonal illness once they have actually contracted the deadly virus.

The main coronavirus symptoms are a fever or a replacement continuous dry cough, which may sometimes cause breathing problems at a later stage of the illness.

Dr Jonathan Leach, of the RCGP, said: “For most of the people who have hay fever it’s an equivalent symptoms as they need annually .

“What we are finding is that some patients are saying ‘look this is often a special thing to what I had last year, could this be coronavirus?’ and therein case it’d be.”

More than a quarter of the British population gets hay fever every year and the Met Office forecasted high pollen counts throughout the week for most parts of the UK.

Allergy UK said it advised those affected by hay fever to treat it proactively to minimise symptoms before they occur – therefore reducing the urge to the touch the face or sneeze, minimising spread of the virus.

GPs are advising patients who are unsure or who are having trouble breathing that they ought to phone their doctor or use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service.

Source: BBC NEWS

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