Coronavirus is a natural cause, researchers claim

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The new coronavirus was born naturally. The virus was not created in any artificial way. The US research firm has claimed at the Scrips Research Institute. A related paper has recently been published in the journal Nature Medicine.

According to a report by IANS, the Scripps Research Institute is a non-profit research organization. It has a reputation around the world for new research. In a recent study, the company claimed that the new coronavirus was completely natural. The virus is created in a series of natural evolution.

The research published says that the new coronavirus was created artificially — one such false information was recently spread. Studies show that the new coronavirus is not artificially created. Rather, the evolution of the new coronavirus was found in the process of natural evolution.

Christian Anderson, a researcher at the Scripps Research Institute, said, “The genome sequence data that we have in the coronavirus genus, combined with the data we have, shows that the new coronavirus is completely natural.”

The first hit in China in the 2003. That was the first coronavirus. Another coronavirus, later called mars, spread to Saudi Arabia in 2012. The Covid-19 infection that is now seen worldwide is also a type of coronavirus.

The new coronavirus is currently spread to more than 150 countries. The number of people infected with the disease has exceeded two lakh. More than ten thousand people died. The World Health Organization has declared the disease as a global epidemic.

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