Coronavirus: Trump suspends travel from Europe to US

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US President Donald Trump has announced sweeping new travel restrictions on Europe during a bid to combat the spread of the corona virus. In a televised address, he said travel from 26 European countries would be suspended for subsequent 30 days.

But he said the “strong but necessary” restrictions wouldn’t apply to the united kingdom , where 460 cases of the virus have now been confirmed.There are 1,135 confirmed cases of the virus across the US, with 38 deaths.

“To keep new cases from entering our shores, we’ll be suspending all travel from Europe,” Mr Trump said from the Oval Office on Wednesday evening.

“The new rules will enter effect Friday in the dark ,” he added. The travel order doesn’t apply to US citizens Mr Trump said the ecu Union had “failed to require an equivalent precautions” because the US in fighting the virus.

A Presidential Proclamation, published shortly after Mr Trump’s speech, specified that the ban applies to anyone who has been within the EU’s Schengen border-free area within 14 days before their arrival within the US.

This implies that Ireland is excluded from the ban because it isn’t one among the 26 Schengen countries. Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania also are EU members without being a part of the Schengen area.

Mr Trump spoke just hours after Italy – the worst affected country outside China – announced tough new restrictions on its citizens. it’ll close all shops except food stores and pharmacies as a part of its nationwide lockdown.

He said the travel suspension would also “apply to the tremendous amount of trade and cargo” coming from Europe into the US. But he later tweeted to mention that “trade will in no way be affected” by the new measures.

Mr Trump also announced plans to supply billions of dollars in loans to small businesses, and urged Congress to pass major tax relief measures in an effort to stymie the effect of the coronavirus outbreak on the economy.

“We are marshalling the complete power of the federal and therefore the private sector to guard the American people,” he said.

What’s the situation within the US?
Officials had said the danger of infection was low for the overall US public, but concern deepened after variety of latest cases were confirmed earlier this month.

Containment efforts have begun in earnest. Troops are deployed to New Rochelle, just north of latest York City, where one outbreak is believed to possess originated.

The National Guard will deliver food to some individuals who are told to self-isolate there.

The governor of Washington state has also banned large gatherings in several counties. The north-western state is that the focus of the outbreak within the US, accounting for twenty-four of a minimum of 38 deaths across the country.

And in an unprecedented move, the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced that it might suspend the season after Wednesday night’s games. the choice came after one player for the Utah Jazz tested positive for the virus.

Shortly after the NBA announcement, the Oscar-winning actor Hanks announced that he and his wife had contracted the virus in Australia.

Dr Anthony Fauci, director the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Congress that the outbreak is “going to urge worse”, which trusted the power to contain those infected.

High medical costs make the virus particularly problematic – many Americans avoid doctor’s visits due to unaffordable charges. a scarcity of paid leave is another concern, as are fears about the amount of obtainable tests.

But Vice-President Mike Pence, who is responsible of the task force coordinating the response to the crisis, has said that “any American are often tested, no restrictions, subject to doctor’s orders”, which insurers had promised to offset the fees .

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