Covid-19 isn’t just a respiratory disease. It hits the whole body

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(CNN)The patient had been relatively fine for the first 10 days he was down with Covid-19.

Just 38, he didn’t fit the description of people at high risk of complications from the new coronavirus.”He had mild pulmonary symptoms that he was just sitting at home with,” said Dr. Sean Wengerter, a vascular surgeon in Pomona, New York. “He had been diagnosed at an urgent care clinic and it was going fine at home. He just had a little cough.”

Until one among Covid-19’s surprising effects kicked in.”Then he just awakened with both his legs numb and cold then weak he couldn’t walk,” said Wengerter, who is division chief of vascular surgery at Westchester center Health’s good Samaritan Hospital.

Coronavirus can cause blood clots
This relatively young man had an aortic occlusion — an enormous grume within the body’s main artery, right above where it splits into two parts to run into each leg. Blood wasn’t stepping into the iliac arteries and his legs were being starved.It’s a particularly dangerous development which will kill between 20% and 50% of patients, Wengerter said. “It just doesn’t usually happen during a 38-year-old,” he told CNN.

Quick diagnosis and a surgery to slice open the arteries and scoop out the clot employing a catheter saved the patient. “We had two surgeons working simultaneously on him,” Wengerter said.Doctors treating coronavirus patients are seeing a variety of strange and frightening syndromes, including blood clots of all sizes throughout the body, renal failure , heart inflammation and immune complications.

“One thing that’s both curious and evolving and frustrating is that this disease is manifesting itself in numerous alternative ways ,” said Dr. Scott Brakenridge, an professor on the acute care surgery team at the University of Florida College of drugs .

It also can cause multi-system organ failure
“In some cases it’s having severe effects on the patient’s ability to breathe, and in others it seems to be related to development of multi-system organ failure — when all of your organs pack up . And now it’s related to immune effects in children.”

While the new coronavirus is designated as a respiratory virus, it’s clear that it’s affecting some people throughout their bodies. the foremost obvious symptoms of infection are classic respiratory symptoms: fever, pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

But the virus also seems to attack some organs directly. one among the foremost troubling is its assault on the liner of the blood vessels, which successively causes unnatural blood coagulation .”It looks like Covid, the virus, is creating an area inflammatory response that’s resulting in a number of these thrombotic events,” Wengerter said. “This is occurring due to the protest of the virus on the arteries themselves.”

Other teams of doctors have reported unusual strokes in younger patients, also as pulmonary embolisms, the medical name for blood clots within the lungs.Pathologists are finding tiny blood clots within the smallest vessels, as well, said Dr. Oren Friedman, who has been taking care of Covid-19 patients within the medical care unit at Cedars-Sinai center in l. a. .

“There’s no debate — the virus seems to affect thrombosis and seems to directly affect your blood vessels,” Friedman told CNN. which means it affects the entire body.”Obviously, every single organ in your body is fed by blood vessels, so if the virus affects your blood vessels, then you’ll have organ damage,” he said.”It may be a very confusing picture. It’s getting to take time to know ,” Brakenridge said.

Source: CNN NEWS

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