‘Decisive measures’ in Beijing as coronavirus cases spike: Live

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China has turned to mass testing and district lockdowns in Beijing after a jump in cases connected with a wholesale foodstuff within the capital.Australia is looking to infrastructure spending to spice up its economy – the country’s facing its first recession in 30 years as a results of the coronavirus.

More than 7.9 million people round the world are confirmed to possess the coronavirus. Nearly 3.8 million have recovered, while a minimum of 433,394 have died, consistent with data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The US, Brazil and therefore the UK have recorded the foremost deaths, while the US, Brazil and Russia have confirmed the foremost cases.

Here are the newest updates:

Monday, June 15

05:30 GMT –
I’m handing the blog to my colleagues in Doha shortly. a fast recap of events over the past few hours. Lockdowns are being imposed in parts of Beijing and mass testing is underway within the Chinese capital amid a unbroken spike in cases centred round the city’s major wholesale foodstuff . South Korea is additionally monitoring clusters emerging in Seoul.

Australia is hoping an infrastructure boom will help it get over its coronavirus-induced recession – its first in 30 years, while countries in Europe still relax their lockdowns with shops and airlines resuming business.

05:05 GMT – Coronavirus case updates
A number of nations are updating their data.Thailand has reported no new cases or deaths, and its 21st day without local transmission. All recent cases are found in Thai people coming back from overseas.

In Europe, the Czech Republic says total cases have now risen above 10,000. Germany, meanwhile, has reported 192 new cases bringing its total to 186,461. It also reported four more deaths.

04:15 GMT – England’s main street shops to reopen on Monday after 83-day closure
Shops in England are set to reopen on Monday after being forced to shut for 83 days due to the coronavirus. They will need to abide by social distancing rules which will limit the amount of consumers and make it harder for people to undertake on clothes, test out furniture and browse books.

Shops in Scotland and Wales are still waiting to seek out out once they can resume trading. Only supermarkets and other ‘essential’ retailers were allowed to work during the coronavirus lockdown.

04:00 GMT – Peasant brigades distribute rough justice in Peru coronavirus fight
The Peruvian peasant brigades who once battled leftist rebel groups, are now being deployed against people breaking coronavirus quarantines, consistent with Reuters.The community militias were created within the 1970s in northern highland areas.

Aladino Fernandez, the president of a gaggle within the region of Cajamarca, told the press agency rule-breakers risked being caned.”A serious crime would be about 15 lashes,” he said. Peru has the second highest number of cases in South America after Brazil.

03:30 GMT – Hong Kong Disneyland to reopen on June 18
Disneyland in Hong Kong has announced it’ll reopen on June 18 nearly six months after it closed late January. The amusement park , including its shops and restaurants, will open with “controlled capacity” and social distancing are going to be enforced.

The Disneyland in Shanghai reopened last month.

03:20 GMT – Areas around another Beijing market locked down after positive tests
State broadcaster CGTN has more on the areas of Beijing that are locked down. It seems they’re within the northwest of the town , around a market where some staff were diagnosed with coronavirus.

03:15 GMT – China seals off ten more Beijing neighborhoods
Ten more neighborhoods in Beijing are sealed as a part of the city’s plan to affect a sudden spike of cases linked to a wholesale foodstuff , consistent with AFP press agency .

02:45 GMT – South Korea checks cases, but keeps wary eye on Seoul
South Korea kept new cases below 40 for the second day during a row, consistent with Yon hap press agency , but cares about cluster infections and untraceable cases within the Seoul metropolitan area.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 37 new cases on Monday, 24 of them local infections and every one but two of these within the Seoul area.

The new cases are clustered around a door-to-door business group, small churches and a Ping-Pong centre.

But the amount of cases where the origin is unknown is additionally growing, consistent with the KCDC, up 1.8 percentage points to 9.2 percent of cases over the primary fortnight of June.

Source: aljazeera

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