Democrats will call the catastrophe of democracy: Trump’s critics

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US President Donald Trump’s prosecutors had eight hours to spare. Even then, after spending just two hours last Saturday morning, they finished their talk like a day. On the previous day, Trump alleged that no one would listen to his counsel on Saturday sitting in front of the TV. With that in mind, his lawyers finished their statements by responding to the fatal accusations raised by the Democrats.

Trump’s prosecutors say the path the Democrats are trying to overthrow a president-elect in a public vote will bring catastrophe to US democracy. By no means can they be allowed to succeed.

After being impeached by the US Legislative Assembly, Trump is being tried in the upper house by the Senate. Democrats presented a total of 24 hours on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for eight hours.

In his remarks, Saturday, Trump’s chief prosecutor Patrick Cipolone’s main argument was that based on Trump’s telephone conversation with the president of Ukraine, Democrats have written allegations of his accusation, in which Trump sought to help Joe Biden and his son Tollen in exchange for help. The witnesses on which the allegations are made are either politically motivated, or they have given their own plausible explanation. None of them heard anything directly from Trump.

Democrats have claimed that those who heard calls for help instead of an investigation directly from Trump’s face were not allowed to testify at the president’s direction. Among them is Mick Mulvaney, a former national security adviser to Trump and Trump’s chief of staff. Democrats claim that their refusal to testify is evidence of a hurdle in Congress’ work.

In response to the Democrats’ allegations, Trump’s prosecutors have argued that Trump can preclude such individuals from testifying that he has an executive right to protect government privacy. Democrats should have taken shelter in court to force the president’s colleagues to testify.

Trump’s prosecutors argued that Trump did not put pressure on Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. Ukraine did not even know that military aid was withheld. As a result, the allegations of abuse of power by Democrats are not realistic. The probe that Biden and his son investigated told Trump’s presidency was that of his continued concern over corruption in the country. Not only Ukraine, but many other countries have stopped the president from helping. The decision on how foreign policy will be determined is not for his subordinate employees.

Presidential prosecutors further argue that Trump has given military aid to Ukraine more generously than former President Obama. Obama has virtually no military help, Trump has given. Even with the help of the allegations of withholding, Trump’s orders are to send them – and on time.

As Trump himself has said, his counsel repeatedly said the president had done nothing wrong. All that he has done is just the exercise of his executive power.

Democrats expect at least four Republicans to favor additional witnesses after their statements and questions from both sides demand them. So far only one Republican senator, Mitt Romney, has said he will support the presence of John Bolton and other additional witnesses.

If Democrats’ claims are rejected after receiving a vote on this question next week, the Senate will likely take a swift move to declare Trump blameless. Trump himself wants the trial to end before his State of the Union address on February 7.

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