Destruction, says the Trump administration

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Neither the accident or the destruction? The question came only after Ukrainian Airlines’ Boeing 737 aircraft crashed yesterday. Today, US media claims that the Donald Trump administration thinks Iran “accidentally” destroyed Ukraine’s aircraft. US media further claims that President Trump is also “skeptical” of the plane crash.

The practice, whether or not it was a catastrophe, provoked Iranian media’s speeches and video reports about a plane crash. Iranian state media said the plane caught fire after it collapsed. But in the video that appeared, the plane caught fire in the sky. Today, the US media claims, Trump said, “I have doubts about Iran’s plane crash.

Perhaps someone mistakenly attacked the airplane. “A US channel claims Iran has mistakenly fired missiles and destroyed the aircraft, according to officials in the Trump administration. Citing a US intelligence official, the TV channel said two red dots were seen in the satellite imagery. Those are actually missiles. One of his explosions happened. As a result, the possibility of an Iranian attack cannot be ruled out.

Many are reluctant to accept the demands of the US media. Their argument is that Tehran would launch a missile strike on a plane that had 82 Iranian citizens and not a single US citizen.

Iran’s official sources say the black box of the collapsed aircraft was recovered but was damaged. It is doubtful how much information will be obtained from it. Although the Iranian Air Ministry claimed today, the aircraft caught fire before it collapsed. The aviator also tried to return to the airport at the last minute. Iran’s Air Ministry sources also said that no airline staffer responded to the radio message in danger.

A spokesman for Ukraine’s security ministry has again pointed to the terrorist attacks. He claimed that the aircraft was destroyed yesterday using a Russian-made missile. He also claimed that the missile pieces had been found in the vicinity of the accident site.

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