Do the Anti-Viral Properties of Cannabis Translate to the Coronavirus? #COVID19

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The world truly has been shaken by the outbreak of the Corona Virus just a couple of weeks ago. Officially the virus is now named the COVID-19 virus. many of us panic a few global pandemic. quite 65 000 have now been infected all round the world. This caused travel plans to be canceled and travel and trade restrictions are put into place. When this text was written, the price stood at 13,000 and it had been still rising. Most of those occurred in China . Frantically, scientists try to spot the cause and find a cure.

Because of the uncertainty of the way to treat the virus, many are watching anti-viral herbal treatments to guard them against infection. Some using cannabis for medicinal purposes also asks questions thanks to the very fact that Cannabis has anti-viral properties. There was also a sudden peak in internet searching if cannabis can kill the virus after a meme posted on Twitter by filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. He said that cannabis should be made legal in India again, because it may be a magic plant which will solve tons of the world´s problems.

Agnihotri began to circulate a screengrab fake information where a claim was made that scientists discovered that cannabis successfully treated coronavirus infections. Unfortunately, his claims, that surfaced on many various social media platforms, were revealed as a fabricated lie. the planet Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that no specific medication is yet currently available to treat the virus.

Even though Agnihotri’s claim was unfounded, it did emphasize the very fact that awareness for cannabis as a medical option is globally growing. Cannabis could be subsequent weapon against superbugs.

Could Cannabis be Included as a Cure? This is not such a weird question to ask as cannabis treats many viral infections. But when it involves the coronavirus, there are rumors of successful treatments for the virus. tons of promising news comes from Zhejiang University, but there’s no confirmation yet. Many nations are cooperatively performing on a vaccine.

At the instant there are four vaccines in development with two of them going into possible human trials within the next 3 or 4 months. Unfortunately, it takes anything from 12 to 18 months to become available to be used .

Besides, the WHO is looking within the details of 80 different treatment trails. The scope is from HIV medication to Ebola treatment, and it also includes anti-viral herbs utilized in ancient Chinese medicine. The question is that if it includes Cannabis?

It is vital to clarify that there’s no claim that cannabis can cure the coronavirus. Even the highest minds of scientific researches are having a tough time identifying and understanding the virus. it’s also not claimed that using cannabis will protect you against the virus. But cannabis patients that had success in their experience with cannabis for his or her own problems, are asking this question rightfully so. Cannabis has many potent anti-microbial qualities.

Cannabis can Fight Superbugs: At the start of 2020, scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, discovered further that cannabis can wipe out antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Researchers screened 5 unique cannabis compounds for potential antibiotic properties. Cannabigerol (CBG) was finally identified to possess a specifically robust profile to repel methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a really common hospital superbug liable for many deaths per annum .

Interestingly, CBG is additionally ready to eliminate the persister cells liable for repeat infections. it’s also a potent cleanser for the hard-to-remove biofilm that typically builds abreast of a patient’s skin as a results of the infection.

The anti-viral properties of Cannabis: The coronavirus attacks the systema respiratorium . tons of research with regards to cannabis has been done on the advantages of reducing the symptoms of the disease instead of changing the course of a virus infection . Studies indicate the effect of CBD on Hepatitis viruses. So far, the results show promising outcomes in limiting the replication of the hepatitis C virus, but it doesn´t have an equivalent impact on the B variety. More studies with regards to CBD are done to know the effect on Hepatitis and other viral infections.

When it involves HIV/AIDS patients, cannabis features a long history of alleviating side effects of anti-retroviral therapy. it’s found that THC reduced viral loads in HIV/AIDS patients. Studies are on its thanks to determine if HIV treatment can treat the coronavirus.

Cannabis and Respiratory Infections: The coronavirus may be a sort of virus that attacks the lungs. it’s very almost like seasonal flu attacks. The question is that if cannabis should be used with a viral respiratory infection? albeit cannabis may be a potent anti-viral herb, smoking won’t be the simplest way of consumption. Smoking brings unwanted particular matter into the lungs that would slow healing down. A cannabis inhaler or sublingual treatments would be more beneficial.

Final Thoughts: There are not any concrete facts that cannabis can eliminate the coronavirus, but with its anti-viral effects, it might be effective in treating the symptoms. Only further studies would reveal the role cannabis could play during this sort of virus.


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