Durga’s face in memory

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Dawn is another day with the arrival of autumn. Abba used to say on the previous night, tomorrow morning she will show Mahalaya on TV. You have to wake up very early in the morning.

It was still early morning. The dark sky There was no sleep in the eyes. When to call dad ‘Mahalaya started, mother got up’ … I woke up immediately. Not listening to the whole thing, but sometimes I fall asleep. Chandi Lessons in the neck … with thorns on it. ‘Lightning is the light of your light’…

At that time, when the sun was up, Abba used to say, sit down. Worship has come.’ Rupang Dehi, Jesso Dehi’ started, worship. I remember very much about childhood.

School holidays from the fifth day. In the morning, the sound of the cover to wake up. Ah, the worship has come! Yang kutak will play yang kutakari cover with a stick of dukhi. Tang will play bronze.

As a kid, Maulvi used to read privately to Sir, Samina, Vithu, and Mehdi. That’s what fun we have. Sir, we are in the race to pray. However, with a glare at the fair, I used to mind reading. If the numbers were wrong, Sir would have jokingly said that if the tang sounds in the ear, the ring would match the digit and match. Then there might not have been such glorious riches in worship. It was, however, a pure joy; Which was absolutely sixteen Anna pure.

I remember the worship of Setabganj in childhood. The worship of a city in the district of Mofsaval. Then worship is a harmony between nature. Hindus and Muslims are everywhere. Because nature is like a human friend. Not so hostile as it is now. At the time of the conspiracy, the menstrual cycle seemed very auspicious, exquisite and lively. The right people were united in friendship. The season of self-esteem appeared in the minds of men.

Let me go back to those golden days in my childhood, with my memories. The days of worship also made me dance in the outdoors, with the sound of bronze. In the sixth, the goddess of worship, the seventh-eighth, the joy-worshiping fair in Navami. From the puja pond of the market holding the father’s hands, Mill Road, stationed, visiting the goddesses of all the temples, wearing puppets, tapa puppets bought at the puja fair, Muri-Muraki, Gaza, Nimki, Sandesh, Naidu, Sesame plate, coconut naar, coconut and kheer Sandesh. How much, Modak. Back home with a handbag bag to play with the pumpkin.

I remember when I was in pain on my knees, my father used to pick me up on my neck. My two legs hang over Abba’s shoulder. Abba used to say, ‘Mother, hold your head tight. If you do not fall!

And he said, Mom … you have to be brave and intelligent like a castle. You have to fight to survive in the world. The challenge of women’s life is bold. You have to live, you have to die, you have to fight.

That is why he started saying Durgamantra. I would have started with Abba too. I used to come home to talk.

‘Various forms of the goddess.
Durgishanshi Maheshsura.
Mardini Joy in the castle of
Goddess Durga, Jagat Janani in the castle Devi Jagat Jani
You mother Mangalakarini
Devi Jagat Janani
You are the mother of
Mangalakarini Fort, Durgatinashini in the fort of Mangasarini

Dasbhuja Ten-
Sastri -Shalini Madhukaitava Sambharani Aditya
You are Ananya
Bhavani Maa Dukhaharani.
Durgatanashini at the fort,
Mardini Jai Ma at the fort.

Shubhani-Nishumba Demon-Dalit
Bhakti Mukti-Dawini
Jaga-Praswini Mahayavagini Chandi is the
mother of Shivani.
Durgatanashini at the fort,
Mardini Jai Ma at the fort.

Hundreds count high-Saraswati
rajogune mahalaksmirupini
I-count Bahadurgarh you
I-count Bahadurgarh you
Mahamaya GO traditional
castle fortress durgatinasini,
mahisasura Mardini win the mother of the castle
, the goddess of the fortress world of a mother,
you’re a mother mangalakarini
castle fortress durgatinasini,
mahisasura Mardini win the mother castle
Devi fort World Mother
You are Mangalakarini
Mahasaraswati, Mahalaxmi
Rupani Maha Durga.
Durgatashini in the fort. ‘

Durga is basically Shakti Devi. There is no description of the fort at Rigveda. However, the Rigveda goddess is acknowledged as the goddess Durga. Durga’s special discussions and worship are prevalent in Tantra and Purani. The Puranas and Upapuranas in which the fortifications are discussed are Matsipurana, Markandeya Purana, Devipuran, Kalikapuran and Goddess Bhagavat. He was worshiped in the name and form of Jayadurga, Jagadhatri, Gandheshwari, Bondurga, Chandi, Narayani, etc.

Devi Durga is the most adorable goddess in the Shakta religion. In Vaishnavism, he is called as the eternal Maya of Lord Vishnu. In childhood, Durga was described as Shiva’s Ardhangini Parvati. Durga is mentioned in Vedic literature.

The Padmavati mentioned in the kenopanishad has been described as Durga itself. In Bhagavat Sri Krishna’s Yogamaya has been called Durga, who is a Hari auxiliary and a Haribhakapraddini.

Apart from these, descriptions of the Durgadevi are found in the great episodes of the Mahabharata and other myths

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