Eleven US troops ‘wounded’ in Iran missile attack

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US Defense Department Pentagon initially claimed no one was killed in Iran’s missile attack last week. But now it is known that Eleven US troops were injured in an Iranian missile attack on the al-Assad airport in Iraq. This information was reported in a CNN online report on Friday.

The US-led military alliance in the war against IS in Iraq and Syria acknowledged this in a statement yesterday.

The alliance said no US troops were killed in the Iranian missile attack on the al-Assad airport in Iraq on January 8. But several US troops suffered trauma caused by the explosion. They have been treated. They are still under examination.

A US military official told CNN that Eleven US troops were wounded in the attack in Iran. A US defense official commented on the matter, a few days after the attack, symptoms appeared among those soldiers. They were treated as part of the alert.

After the attack, the Pentagon claimed that 16 missiles were fired from Iran into Iraq. No one was killed in the attack.

On January 3, Iraqi General Kashem Soleimani killed a US drone in Baghdad, Iraq. After the incident, tensions between the two countries increased.

In retaliation, Iran launched a missile attack on al-Assad and Irbil, two US airbases in Iraq in retaliation.

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