Emergency in California with Corona

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An emergency has been issued in the US state of California for coronavirus. A state of emergency was declared after the first death of a coronavirus in the state. The BBC reported online on Thursday.

11 people have died in coronaviruses in the United States so far. 10 of them are from Washington state.

Coronavirus sufferers have been identified in 16 parts of the country. The total number of infected patients is at least 150 in the country.

Washington and Florida authorities have already issued an emergency to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

US authorities have stepped up measures to combat coronavirus.

On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives approved 3 billion emergency assistance to combat coronavirus.

US officials say the California dying person is 71 years old. He was undergoing treatment at a hospital in the state. His health was on the decline. She was at a prom last month.

Coronavirus kills more than 3,000 people worldwide. Most of them are Chinese. And the number of people affected is more than 92,000. Most of them are Chinese citizens.

The origin of the virus is China. However, its transmission lines have already changed to Iran and Italy.

Coronavirus is spreading to new countries almost every day. So far, there have been data on the spread of the virus to 75 countries and regions, including China.

According to a general rule, the new virus is not spreading from country to country. The type of infection seems to be different for each country.

The World Health Organization described the situation as pointless.

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