First coronavirus deaths reported in US and Australia

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12:55 pm: Thailand records first coronavirus death
Thailand recorded its first fatality from coronavirus, a 35-year-old man, Reuters reported, citing the director-general of Thailand’s Department of Disease Control. The victim also was affected by dengue . Since January, Thailand has reported a complete of 42 cases, of whom 30 have recovered thus far .

12:20 pm: Australia reports first death from coronavirus
A 78-year-old man who had been in quarantine became Australia’s first death from Wuhan coronavirus on Sunday, Reuters reported. the person was one among quite 150 Australians who was evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise liner that was quarantined off Japan. The man’s widow also caught the virus, Reuters said, but she is in stable condition. As of Sunday, Australia has confirmed a complete of 26 cases.

10:40 am: American Airlines suspends flights to Milan
American Airlines suspended operations to and from Milan, effective until April 25. The carrier cited a discount in demand for the suspension, which affects flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Miami International Airport. Milan is found within Italy’s Lombardy region, which has been hit by a coronavirus outbreak. U.S. vice chairman Mike Pence on Saturday advised Americans to avoid visit parts of Italy suffering from the virus.

9:35 am: South Korea reports 376 new coronavirus cases
South Korea added another 376 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday morning, bringing the entire number of confirmed cases within the country to three ,526. consistent with the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been no additional fatalities and therefore the price stands at 17 as of Sunday, 9 a.m. civil time . South Korea has the most important number of confirmed cases outside China , where most of the infections and deaths have occurred.

8 am: 573 new coronavirus cases in China
Mainland China reported 573 new, confirmed coronavirus cases on Feb. 29, up from 427 on the previous day, the country’s health authority said on Sunday. the amount of deaths stood at 35, down from 47 on the previous day, bringing the entire price in China to 2,870. Of the deaths, 34 were in Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak. That province also saw 570 of the new cases.

5:20 am: Coronavirus could turn US presidential campaign the wrong way up .Should the virus still spread, it’s going to become impossible for the Democratic presidential campaigns within the us to avoid changing their event schedules. As companies cancel events and limit travel within the name of caution, candidates are taking a risk by carrying on as normal.

“I think we’ll see, pretty soon, decisions by the campaigns to limit rope line and reduce events to small-town halls and use technology like streaming to succeed in voters,” said Scott Gottlieb, former head of the Food and Drug Administration under Trump.

“Even if the danger doesn’t merit these steps immediately , it’s important they consider the examples they set.”

1:14 am: US expands Iran travel restrictions over coronavirus, raises advisory for regions in South Korea and Italy
President Donald Trump authorized the expansion of travel restrictions against Iran and is now recommending Americans refraining from visiting regions of Italy and South Korea impacted by the infectious coronavirus.

Vice President Mike Pence detailed the heightened travel warnings during a news conference from the White House.

“First, the president authorized action today to feature additional travel restrictions on Iran. … Iran is already under a travel ban, but we’re are expanding existing travel restrictions to incorporate any foreign national who has visited Iran within the last 14 days,”

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