Former Indian minister arrested in extortion case

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Police have arrested an Uttar Pradesh law department student for allegedly raping a former Union Minister of India Swami Chinmananda. He was arrested on Wednesday, a day before the hearing on the previous bail application. The girl’s family alleged that police pulled her out of the car this morning, almost forcibly. He was not given the time to wear shoes.

Swami Chinmananda is known as an influential politician. He runs a number of monasteries and educational institutions. The 26-year-old law student was accused of sexually assaulting her late last month. “Police did not want to accept rape charges,” he alleged. Swami Chinmananda, accused of rape, is not in jail. He was admitted to the hospital after suffering two days in jail.

Last Thursday, the court agreed to hear the student’s arrest application. Upon receiving the news of the court, police came out to arrest the girl, NDTV Online said. The girl was going to Shahjahanpur court in Uttar Pradesh for a hearing on a previous bail application. At that time, a large group of police from Uttar Pradesh dramatically stopped the car and forced them to sit in their vehicle, forcing them to pull over. He refused to go with the police as there was a court hearing. The girl’s father said she was forced to sign a memorandum of arrest as a necessary document for police administrative work.

The police finally allowed the girl to go to court when the media got away with the chaos. The girl must now apply for general bail. Last week, the student made a statement to the Chief Judicial Magistrate in the court, guarding six policemen. He alleged that he had been sexually assaulted for a year by seeking help in admission to the college. He also alleged that he had video of his bath containing blackmail. He also accused Chinnamanand of forcing him to massage by intimidating the gun.

Later, he mounted a camera in glasses to collect evidence against Chinmayanand. Video captured on camera was circulated on social media Facebook. Later, Chinmayananda filed a case of extortion in the name of the girl. He was arrested in that case today. However, no allegation of rape was made against this BJP leader. Rather, the issue is flexible, referring to ‘abuse of power for sex’. Chinmandan could face up to 5 to 6 years in prison and a fine on this charge. And rape charges could range from a minimum of seven years in prison to life imprisonment.

Chinmaanand’s lawyer Om Singh told reporters on Tuesday, “I have been saying from day one, that the video uploaded by the woman on Facebook has links to extortion from Chinmayananda. I do not know exactly why he was not arrested. I’m sure he’ll go to jail. ” One day Om Singh’s words came true.

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